Monday, April 02, 2007


Life is largely stereotypical for most of us. Even for someone who’s doing the most offbeat of jobs (circus ringmasters / journalists / skydivers / politicians) it might get boring and monotonous after sometime. This being the case, how do most of us manage to keep our chin up, flash a smile and maintain a cheerful demeanour for the largest part of our conscious time?

My take on this is that: it is because of small moments of happiness. Moments which you don’t even recognize as significant. But they are there alright, making your day, bit by bit; smile by smile.

As I was driving home yesterday, I began thinking about instances of these moments and was quite surprised at the big list that I drew up in my 15-minute travel! So here I am at my desktop, trying to put together that all-important list:

- Scratching where it itches
- Finding an old friend on Orkut
- “It’s Friday” mails from all and sundry on Fridays
- Getting into the lift and finding that the only other occupant is a good looking girl / guy (depending on whether you are a guy / girl)
- Reaching the counter after a long wait in a serpentine queue
- Driving out from a petrol bunk with our fuel indicator set to “on” from “reserve” after a long time
- Indicating to a fellow motorist that his headlight is on (during daytime)
- The smile the security people give you when you enter office
- The few moments that you spend admiring yourself on the mirror every time (you think) you look good
- Locating a lonely spot on a beach
- Finding a parking slot
- Relieving oneself after a long period of "urgent bathroom"
- Being the first to vroom off at the green signal
- "Your salary has been credited" mails
- "Rush to my table for sweets / chocs / tirupati laddoo" mails
- Getting a nice ringtone from a friend
- An old favo playing on the FM radio
- Coming across Mile Sur Mera Tumhara on Doordarshan
- Humming A R Rahman’s signature tune for Airtel
- Seeing a Mani Rathnam movie lying on the bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon
- Getting a window seat on a bus / upper berth on a train
- Reaching the venue in time for a meeting
- (And finding that no one else has come yet)
- Getting into the lift at the top floor, and zooming down to the ground floor without any stops in between
- People laughing for a joke of yours
- Someone tries to break your code and fails
- You break someone else’s code
- Getting a full house in Thambola
- An early morning walk in a (c)hill station (cap and gloves in place)
- A sixer shot landing outside the ground
- Breaking for tea during a long day at work
- Receiving your first ever visiting cards / name plate
- Looking out of the window for a fleeting moment on a very busy day
- “New mail received” desktop alert when you are sitting bored
- Being shaken up from your sleep at midnight by a group of friends who came over to wish you on your birthday
- Pushing a door marked “Pull” and finding that it works either way
- Pulling a door marked “Push” and finding that it works either way too
- Taking time off work and reading a nice blog
- Wishing the author that he has made your day

Add more to this list in your comments; would sure help us realise how much there is in the world to feel happy about.

So is there anyone out there who still contends that life sucks?


Arvind Suresh said...

1. sitting in the last bench and making fun of the lecturer in an extrmely boring class

2. eating your favourite flavor of ice cream without worrying about the after effects!

3. hours and hours of vetti maanga on a sunday before a test on how to change the country

4. coming back home after a long day to find piping hot coffee and vadai waiting for you at home

5. Vengaya bajji and masala tea watching the rain with enjoying that undescribable aroma of the land and the food...

and the list goes on...

Madhankumar Anandhakrishnan said...

1. winning a bet!

2. checking credit balance on your mobile immediately after recharging..

3. playing pranks in class.. (the teacher senses something fishy but refuses to believe that it was you)

4. impressing someone with your status msg on gmail chat.

5. tasting food that you cooked yourself..

6. unwrapping a birthday gift..

7. being appreciated for a well shot photograph

8. receiving a comment on your blog! :)

Alpine Path said...

The list is exhaustive(this is what I thought before seeing the comments). The comments make the list complete(this is what I think AFTER seeing the comments). Good one! True, life never sucks!

Gaya3 said...

I feel each moment,is filled with life.... many of us forget to remember that or missed to notice us....

We give importance to many things but fail to give importance to such beautiful seconds of our life...we think..."what??? all this are usual and wats so big abt them".....

about the blog....i shall say

"- Taking time off work and reading a nice blog
- Wishing the author that he has made your day "


^ _ ^

Anonymous said...

*First kiss form the person u love.
* Starting my new bike for the first time...
* First day to college, with very high expectation (esp. if you are not from a coeducation school :-))
* A unknown beautiful girl coming to us and saying, your performance was excellent in the culturals.
* Taking friend for a treat with ur first salary
* When ur dad gets u a new cricket bat
* When u go back home tired, and ur mom says i have cooked some thing that u really like.
* And lots more .....

Take life as it comes and cherish every moment coz it never gona be the same.

King Vishy said...

@arvind, madhan, jkb:
Thank u guys, for adding to the list.. lovely points..

@alpine path:
Ya.. it never does.. its just that we look at it with jaundiced eyes..

I guess this post is exactly related to what you believe in :) (as per ur "about me") great to come across u!

Mouli said...

Yet another nice post vishwa :-)

Adding to the list
*Getting attendance from a lecturer even after entering into the class room in the last 5 minutes of that session

*Imitating the lecturers when they are taking class.

* When you take a wicket or catch in a crucial situation of a cricket match

* When you successfully book a TATKAL ticket for planning your travel for a long weekends

* When you get something for your parents from your First Salary

* When your class hits 100% placement

* When you successfully get a sponsorship for your college event

* When you find a TEA shop during a long ride in CAR / Bike at midnight

King Vishy said...

A comment to this post after a year and a half!!! :) Thanks da..
And totally agree with you.. That tatkal thingee floored me :)