Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ah.. Thought so!

(Read my first ever post on this blog that was written after the Cricket World Cup early this year)

Was reading the papers today morning. It was all about the euphoria surrounding our historic Twenty20 victory. Email forwards have started doing their rounds funnily claiming that "India has become a super power in Twenty20 (2020) - Kalam's dream accomplished!". In all probability, these mails would have been forwarded by the same guys who relished sending around the mails which showed our cricketers taking up alternative vocations after the World Cup debacle a few months back.

Looking at all this, I get extremely angry (which is quite something because usually I am as emotional as a computer is). Spineless madness!

And this is not the first time we are reacting like this. Time and again, we have changed colours with the swiftness that would hurt a chameleon's ego.

And we complain about politicians for their volte faces.

Just heard from a friend that the media has not been allowed inside MS Dhoni's house.


Surely would hurt the media. This means they have lost 4 hours of a "Breaking News" story. Would sure be a big pinch for them.

And adding to all this glam-sham is the BCCI's attempts to dwarf the ICL. Millions of dollars and crores of rupees are being offered to the players. Aren't we making too much out of Yuvraj's heroics of six-in-a-row? In those three minutes of his life, he reserved enough money to buy a brand new BMW. Or a flat at Mahindra World City. But was it truly worth all that? In this form of the game, this was but a natural consequence. If at all someone had to be felicitated specially, it should be the bowlers, I would say.

But the BCCI just wants to play to the gallery and be seen as the savior of cricket in India.


To think of it, India was the only country that opposed the Twenty20 format when it was put to vote by the ICC.

Anyway, one good thing that comes out from all this is: the players would feel good to have doffed their soiled image.


BeeJay said...

கெளம்பிட்டான்யா! கெளம்பிட்டான்யா!! உனக்கு ஏன் இவ்ளோ வயத்தெரிச்சல் !!

பத்மகிஷோர் said...

Good Post!!

King Vishy said...

Vayitherichal illa.. It's all an expression of anguish :) I feel we over-react for everything from success to failure.

I guess you are thinking that I am over-reacting to this over-reaction? :P

Thanks Thalaiva :)

Ramya said...

hey ya completely agree with u for how we over react in both extreme cases...

but still this is india, and this is how ppl hail cricket here :)

Madhankumar Anandhakrishnan said...

ada.. vidunga boss! ;)

King Vishy said...

Hmmm.. What you are saying is absolute truth.. Just that I find it very difficult to digest all this :)

@madhan krish:
Yellaarayum niruttha sollu.. Naanum nirutthuraen..
Aaaahhh.. aaahhh.. aahhh..

Kabali said...

This post makes zilch sense to me. Equating cricket and rationale!@#! This is a mad game dude and mad people support it. Mad people make up our country and even though u wouldnt want to give ur money for yuvis 1 crore prize u have no choice- we live by majority vote :d
So if you cant beat them join them.And u better!!

cafm said...

Hi Man,

Was gonna write something similar in my blog...but got lazy:P

what got me really angry was the newspaper....around 3-4 pages of full page photos...hello people...this is not a cure of cancer that we have here.....does nothing else exist?

Even though I am really proud, but I guess we have to remember that we have won the "WORLD" cup of a "WORLD" of 8-12 countries and the current euphoria is totally unjustified.

King Vishy said...

Your 5-line post conveys what I tried to convey in 5 paragraphs :D

WORLD of 8-12 countries is an interesting concept :D

Arvind Suresh said...

this post led me to a couple of new thoughts, i think ill put them up on my blog soon!

King Vishy said...

@arvind suresh..
Ya, fine.. Go on..
But I'll demand royalty for creative stimulation!! :)

Sriganesh Murthi said...

You seem to have done a Nostradamus in your first post. :-)

Anyway, we can't blame the media for such over-reactions. They had to make up for all the bashing that they did in March. Plus, in India, the media can't afford to treat cricket as just another game, as they do in Australia or England. Simply because it's not just another game out here.

Nitin said...


couple of jokes that are doing the rounds...

Knock Knock..
Who's there?
Misbah who?
Mis bah five runs :-)

Misbah tried to hit the ball into no man's land. But little did he know that there is a Mallu in every corner of the world!

This is my own:
Misbah realised that there is a huge gulf between victory and defeat - and you will always find a Mallu in the Gulf.. no wonder then that he was caught by Sreesanth!

BeeJay said...

hey vish. . i was just kidding. . wat u said is absolutely true . .
at the same time. .i am askin a question to you. Wat do u think abt the reaction of hockey players for all these hyper reactions by media and govt ? First , the hockey players objected tellin that they shud also b given similar treatment . . Now. our Chess King Vishwanath ananth had also pointed tat he s waitin to see the reception he wud be getting . .

Is it all doin good to Indian Sports ?

King Vishy said...

@sriganesh murthi..
Doing a nostradamus is very easy in our country :) BTW, as we discuss abt all this we are off to a bad start in the ODI series against Australia.. You can see a volte face from the media / public very very soon :)

Nee yedhayumae serious-aa vae paesa maatiya da? :)

@Neo.. The one..
That would be the natural reaction of all other sportsmen.. Cos the difference is HUGE! This hiatus has always been there.. But maybe it is only now that we have started performing very well in the other sports / games.. Naturally these questions will come up and soon die a premature death..

BeeJay said...

But does this project a gud pic abt them ( hockey players) ? If they play more games and win consistently , they wl get the treatment . . see wat sania had done.. .

Arvind Suresh said...

anger justified!

this is what one would call the 'mob' phenomenon! the same people who react like chameleons would probably not do that if you asked them separately what their reactions are!!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree on the media & public reaction part.

But you cannot put down Yuvraj's feat like this. Come on dude, how many times has this happened? - Sobers, Shastri, Gibbs and now Yuvraj. Just 4 times in more than 100 years of cricket! And moreover, it is the first time against a pacer. It wasn't bludgeoning either - it was pure artistry. He deserves a BMW and more for that man. People pay exorbitant rates for so many things which gives them pleasure - art & paintings, stay in a luxurious hotel etc. Even this performance gave us so much pleasure which we will never forget in a lifetime dude.

King Vishy said...

6-in-a-row IS a spectacular feat.. I agree.. But what I meant was, this is bound to get more and more common in Twenty20.. And so I feel it does not deserve this much attention..
And thanks for dropping by! :)