Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some photos from a recent trip

Had been to my grandparents' place at Pollachi this week. The tranquil garden around the house offered numerous Sony moments. Some of them...

In retrospect, am not too happy with this pic. There is quite a lot of noise that could possibly divert one's attention from the subject - the leaf. But the coloring effect takes care of that, I guess. BTW, can you think of some interesting caption for this pic?

This one was a very difficult shot. The problem is that when you point your camera at the moon and try to focus, it will simply refuse to obey your command. The moon would appear as a blurry blob. Just try it once for yourself. For that matter, getting the camera to focus on any source of light is a difficult proposition. I got this one by sheer luck :)

And ya, I can never stop clicking flowers on macro.. These damn things look beautiful any way, making our job easier ;)


Ramya said...

hey nice pic.. esp the moon one.. know how the moon always betrays those who wanna capture its beauty...tried and failed :(

Anonymous said...

Dropped in from Ferrari's. Great photos dude. Luv the macro pic. Jus like the previous commentor, I've tried and failed with the moon so many times. Will drop in regularly to check for new pics. Keep up the good work.

King Vishy said...

@ramya: ya.. in fact i did not know that i had got this one until i viewed it on the comp.. one small hint thou: u can get the camera to focus better if you point it at some high-contrast area in the frame and attempt focussing..

@lone star: thanks a lot mate :) and gr8 to see tat u also indulge in photography.. any online albums that u can share? BTW welcome aboard!

BeeJay said...

My fav shot is the second one.. i usualy like these kind of night effect snaps more than daylight visuals.. and especially this one s very gud . . (my last update in my blog was abt moon and urs also the moon . .same pinch :) )
and i m wondering abt the colour effect of the leaf pic .. did u set anythin in ur camera to give such an effect ? how only that portion of pic is green man ?
gr8 one... and u asked for captions.. i thought in many angles but cudnt come up with anythin convincin and finally settled wit environmental issues..
is this fine? -- Leaves , the world -- i wont xplain my actual thought behind this.. lemme c what u interpret wit this caption. .

King Vishy said...

naa captions kaettadha madhicha orey aal nee thaan ya.. Nee rommmmba nallavanyaa!
btw, the idea behind ur caption is very impressive..

@ all others: Got it from Neo over phone earlier today.. "Leaves, the world" is a double meaning, albeit well meaning, phrase..
1. Trees (~ Leaves) are our world
2. They are leaving the world soon, cos of deforestation..
So save trees! :)

DJ said...

Hey Vishwanath!
It's the first time I'm visitng your blog :) Very cool blog u got there. Interesting reads all the posts are.
Add me to the list of 'people who screwed up the moon pic'. Not a great photographer, but I can click some decent ones.. better than the average person, that's about it. Did try this one out of curiosity long ago & was nice reading about it in your blog :)
This is G1- Devi Jagannathan btw :P In case you're thinking it's someone you don't know.

King Vishy said...


Welcome aboard!! Thanks for your compliments, as well as for clarifying who u are :D I sure was wondering abt that until i read the last line..

And u are a shutterbug too eh? cool.. got any online albums that u can share?

BTW cool nickname, u've got :)

Girl of Destiny said...

hey cool shot with the moon! pretty lucky from what you say :-)

i've got a question though.. why is it veni vidi and *CIVI*?

King Vishy said...

@girl of destiny:
Guess you are one among the very few who've noticed that CIVI thing.. It was intentional.. To mean: I went, I saw, I WAS CONQUERED :)

Girl of Destiny said...

but is 'civi' Latin too? or is it King's Latin? ;-)

King Vishy said...

@Girl of Destiny:
LoL.. It's the latter :)