Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tag: Special pic of 2007

The new year dawned in the best possible way for me - to be tagged by my maanaseega blogging-guru PrabhuFerrari! (Ok, technically, he tagged me at the fag end of 2007. But this sounds a whole lot better :) )

Thanks Thalaiva!!

This is what the tag says:
‘All you have to do is select and upload one photo that you have clicked this year that is special to you. Could be anything…aesthetic, technical or personal. Also, put in a short note why it is special’

I'll exploit this opportunity to put up my favos from among the pics I clicked this year before honouring the tag.

Let me begin with "people". I have taken very few pics of people this year, so it has been fairly easy to choose this:

My sis
This pic is special because this was among the first ever shots I clicked when I started controlling camera settings by myself.

Another pic is that of the kids I clicked at Thirumalpur. I spoke about it earlier here.


Airshow @ Chennai: Sometime in Mar/Apr 2007
I love this one because it took too much of an effort from my side to click this right. These machines were flying way too fast(!!). It was very difficult to keep them within the frame.


This was among the first "experimental" pics I took with my (then) new Sony DSC H3.


Thennai Maram
This pic won me a consolation prize in a photography contest judged by Thotta Tharani.


One more pic that is very close to my heart is that of some crops that I took during my trip to Thirumalpur. That also was put up in the same page I linked to earlier.


Now, on to my S.P.E.C.I.A.L pic of the year:

Mis-focused flower
(Click on the pic for a bigger version)
Frankly speaking, this was an error in focussing. I should have rightly focussed on the flower. But the focus ended up on the bark of the tree behind. So this pic should have been deleted at once.
But I retained it because it seemed to say:
Whether you choose to focus on the beautiful or on the not-so-beautiful is a matter of your own choice
With my job done, I pass the tag on to Arvind. Hope he shakes up from his slumber soon!


F e r r a r i said...

Very nice set of photos. I liked the coconut tree one a lot. Very good :)

Thanks for taking it up. And indha manaseega guru ellam romba over :)

BeeJay said...

We are witnessing the beauty of nature through your eyes man !!
Amazing snaps !

Lg said...

really liked the mis-focused flower (rather the beautiful bark) and also liked the words that went along with it. Kudos!

Unknown said...

the mis-focused flower is really good!
i like the apple too!! :)

Nice work!

King Vishy said...

@ferrari: thalaiva.. unmaiyathan sonnen :)

@neo... the one: "beauty of nature" na, u mean the credit shd go to mother nature and not to me eh? ;) he he..
Actually most of the times it is true.. Anybody can take a great photograph of a beautiful scenery.. One's photographic skills come into play only if and when he/she presents that scenery in an interestingly different way.. Otherwise the bouquets go to nature! (sorry, konjam arutthutaen)

@echo/lavanya & ranjan: thanks a lot for ur compliments :) and welcome aboard!

BeeJay said...

seekiram, adutha post . . waiting ..

Alameen said...

nice pics mate..

King Vishy said...

@neo: kinda hard pressed for time these days :) got a couple of plans.. might be updating within a couple of days..

@alameen: Thanks!!

Girl of Destiny said...

though your blog boldly asks not to disturb, i'll brave it and post a comment :-)

the pics are very nice! the out-of-focus flower and the face saving but cool caption are... inspired!

keep up the good work!

King Vishy said...

@girl of destiny:

Thanks for the compliments.. Glad that you decided to disobey my blog URL :P

Welcome aboard!!