Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today's Kavi'Day

Was reading a nice tamil blog. This guy (Sree) writes very well!! As I read through all that, I too felt an irrepressible desire to pen a "poem of love":
Yengu paarthaalum neethan therigiraai...
Kaadhal pirandha bodhum idhu nadakka villai..
Oodal konda indru nigazhndhuLLadhu..
Yaen endru yosittha bodhu pulappattadhu:
Yen manaththiraiyil uLLa nee,
KaNgalin mun neer thiraiyil pradhibalithu,
Vizhiththiraiyil vizhundhuLLaai...

எங்கு பார்த்தாலும் நீதான் தெரிகிறாய்...
காதல் பிறந்த போதும் இது நடக்க வில்லை...
ஊடல் கொண்ட இன்று நிகழ்ந்துள்ளது...
ஏன் என்று யோசித்த போது புலப்பட்டது:
என் மனத்திரையில் உள்ள நீ,
கண்களின் முன் நீர் திரையில் பிரதிபலித்து,
விழித்திரையில் விழுந்துள்ளாய்!
Ok, does not seem to be much. Did not even want to post this, initially. But eventually did so cos my friend Neo opined that this is "definitely post-able".
(Your response will tell me whether he was being sincere, or was trying to make the most out of my dilemma.)

P.S.: Smart alec comments would not be published

Thursday, February 07, 2008

MBA interviews : Attempts to peep into the ass' soul

Hi guys.. Have been busy with preps for MBA interviews.. And it's such a sick thing!! Preparing for "all kinds of questions" drives me crazy.. Especially for those questions that seem to probe into the core of our consciousness..

Of course, most MBA aspirants lie through their teeth in their interviews (the others rewrite CAT the next year again).. But preparing for all this is frustrating..

Now, what would happen if B-school interview panels start forcing verita serum down our throats before the interviews?

Possibly this:

Panel: Hello Aspirant. Please take a seat.

Aspirant: Thank you, Sirs.

Panel: So how was your journey?

Aspirant: Cut the cooling-down crap.. I know you are not bothered about it one bit..

Panel: Ok then, why don't you tell us something about yourself?

Aspirant: My name is Aspirant. I did my schooling at Chen...

Panel: No no. All those details are there in this form you submitted over mail. Tell us something that is not on this form.

Aspirant: I love porn.

Panel: Ok you are a software engineer. Can you tell me today's price for an Infosys share in the BSE?

Aspirant: And why am I expected to know that?

Panel: Simple...
You are software.
Infy is software.
You want to get into business.
Shares are business.
See the relation?

Aspirant: Duck you.. Tell me this is a practical joke.. Please..

Panel: Hmmmm.. Can you please tell us why you want to do an MBA?

Aspirant: It's for the money, dude! I heard that MBA guys get paid bucket loads.

Panel: And why do you want to do your MBA at this institution?

Aspirant: I wrote CAT and applied to all institutions in the country. You are one of the few who have called me for an interview.

Panel: So what are your short term and long term goals?

Short Term: Earn money.
Long Term: Earn more money.

Panel: Which other B-schools have you got interview calls from?

Aspirant: IIM Ahmedabad

Panel: Between us and IIM Ahmedabad, which institute would you choose?

Aspirant: What kind of a question is this? Either you've got no brains, or you've got loads of balls. How can you even ask such a question?

Panel: Which stream would you want to specialize in, if you get in here?

Aspirant: Marketing

Panel: Ok, lets see how good you are at marketing. Sell this pen to us.

Aspirant: I said "I want to specialize in marketing".. That means I suck at it now.. If I was already skilled, why would I want to learn that? Confirmed, you have got no brains..

Panel: Let's say you work for a multinational company. You overhear your manager conveying some sensitive data to some stranger over phone. What would you do?

Aspirant: Record his conversation and blackmail him.

Panel: Tell us one good reason why we should offer you a seat.

Aspirant: I have made you run out of good questions, and now you are trying to throw the onus on me. Is this reason not good enough?

@Other MBA aspirants: Have I missed any sick-to-the-core question? Add on...