Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today's Kavi'Day

Was reading a nice tamil blog. This guy (Sree) writes very well!! As I read through all that, I too felt an irrepressible desire to pen a "poem of love":
Yengu paarthaalum neethan therigiraai...
Kaadhal pirandha bodhum idhu nadakka villai..
Oodal konda indru nigazhndhuLLadhu..
Yaen endru yosittha bodhu pulappattadhu:
Yen manaththiraiyil uLLa nee,
KaNgalin mun neer thiraiyil pradhibalithu,
Vizhiththiraiyil vizhundhuLLaai...

எங்கு பார்த்தாலும் நீதான் தெரிகிறாய்...
காதல் பிறந்த போதும் இது நடக்க வில்லை...
ஊடல் கொண்ட இன்று நிகழ்ந்துள்ளது...
ஏன் என்று யோசித்த போது புலப்பட்டது:
என் மனத்திரையில் உள்ள நீ,
கண்களின் முன் நீர் திரையில் பிரதிபலித்து,
விழித்திரையில் விழுந்துள்ளாய்!
Ok, does not seem to be much. Did not even want to post this, initially. But eventually did so cos my friend Neo opined that this is "definitely post-able".
(Your response will tell me whether he was being sincere, or was trying to make the most out of my dilemma.)

P.S.: Smart alec comments would not be published


ரமேஷ் said...

hmmm.. good attempt.. would ve been shortened to get the very essence of the feeling.. i feel that yur fren picked up the dilemma from you..

Ramya said...

enna sir romba feel panni ezhudhirukeengallo?? :P

vizhithirayil ulla unnaval koduthu vechava po :)

anyways liked this part

Yen manaththiraiyil uLLa nee,
KaNgalin mun neer thiraiyil pradhibalithu,
Vizhiththiraiyil vizhundhuLLaai...

Kavity said...

definitely postable :) romba urugi ezhudhina madhiri irukku

ஸ்ரீ said...

Hey Vishy,
I am a silent reader of ur blog. But today u gave a surprise of my life not by adding a link to my page but by saying that "I write well" :D. Good sense of humor buddy. Coming to the point.

The lines written by u are super cool man. But i tried hard to read it coz it was in english. The theme was very gud. I haven't thought in this fashion yet. U have added fuel to me and have shown a different way of looking at poems. Thanks.

1. Get a unicode writer from Neo and start writing in tamil.

2. Open a tamil blog urself and join the big gang.


King Vishy said...

Senior kavignarae.. en valaippoovil ungal mutthirai padhitthadharku mikka nandri :) and ya.. i too felt it was a wee bit long.. but didn't know how to shorten it..

The part that you liked was the actual seed thought.. The rest were simply to place the context :)

Apdi therinja, romba sandhosham :)

Heyyyyy!! Welcome aboard boss. Pls don't be so modest.. Anyone who reads ur poems / stories would be floored :) and if it is really true that this post of mine made u think differently abt poems, u made my day.. (Hope ur comment wasn't dripping with the kind of sarcasm u normally exhibit in ur colloquial prose ;) )
And I do use unicode often.. But was lazy this time :D anyway, have done it now..
I may not write often in Tamil.. So opening a Tamil blog might be an overkill for me.. Will try to write more often in Tamil in this blog itself.. Keep visiting!

Anonymous said...

wow man! Dunno much about poetry but I liked it. I didn't know you could write poems - with so much 'feelings'. Good job! Waiting for your future attempts :-)

Anonymous said...

AND the post heading. Sooper!

BeeJay said...

macha . . ippavavathu naan sonnatha othukariya !

analum un kusumbuku alavillaama pochuda . . athu yenna label - Camphor Smell ? apdina ramesha nee yenna nu solra ?

King Vishy said...

@divya surendiran:
Thank u!! :) As I have stated in the post, Sree's blog made me think in this direction..
Also glad on two accounts:
- u noticed the heading
- u have posted 2 comments.. Vaazhga Valamudan!

Othukuraen nanbaa.. Nandri hai..
And Ramesh-a patthi naa onnumae solleeng-na.. avaru nallavarung-na.. vallavarung-na.. neenga naaradhar vaelai paakaadheeng-na.. :P

Venkata Ramanan S said...

ada ada ada :))))

Alpine Path said...

Aha!! The poem is good but the title is too good :D

King Vishy said...

neenga sonnaa seri than thalaiva :)

@alpine path:
Vanja pugazhchi pola irukae.. "Adutha vaatti moodittu title mattum yezhudhu" nu solra madhiri iruku? :)

Girl of Destiny said...

//என் மனத்திரையில் உள்ள நீ,
கண்களின் முன் நீர் திரையில் பிரதிபலித்து,
விழித்திரையில் விழுந்துள்ளாய்!//

physics lab-la lens experiment description padikra maadhiri irukku :-)

kidding aside, nice thought! we always tend to think more about the person we're angry with than about the person we love!

Anonymous said...

what da ,looks like u r trying to pacify somebody. Hope ur parents dont read ur blog.It will then be a FRY-DAY for u.)

King Vishy said...

@Girl of Destiny:
Paravaalle.. yen poems kum pala interpretations irukka! :) Danks..

It's ok.. There is freedom of expression at my home.. They'll understand that these are all just poetic excursions and that there is nothing else to it :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice kavidhai. What a perspective!!
But, I also had the same exact thoguhts as girl of destiny when I read it. We can use this kavidhai to explain total internal reflection concept in Physics. Students interest oda padippanga :)

King Vishy said...

@lone star:
You took me back to college 1st yr in a jiffy.. Total Internal Reflection and all that! :)