Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Open Source

Note: If you are someone who has landed here from Google after searching for open source tech stuff, please exit asap. This is not what you think it is.

Today morning, my manager told me an interesting belief of a friend of his: One can judge a company from its restrooms.

If that person visits my company, he'll conclude comprehensively that it is an open and transparent organization.

We recently shifted locations. And the new office boasts of Western style restrooms. I am not referring to the western commode. Am talking about the restroom by itself. They are of the kind I have seen only in hollywood movies.


Note: Restroom changed to protect privacy. This is a Googled Image.

If you have ever used this kind of a restroom, you'll agree that the name itself is a misnomer. I mean, that is the only place where I am restless. As if the gaps in all directions were not enough, the whole damn structure rattles everytime someone opens/closes one of the doors. One would think those excuses-for-walls would all fall down anytime, leaving a scar on one's psyche for life.

Dunno what the aim of the facilities team was in putting up this kind of a structure. Whatever it was, it will surely achieve one thing: having experienced this, fewer of our people would pursue onsite opportunities vigorously. Money is not so important, after all.


SK said...

LOL! :--)
I am not sure why restrooms are designed this way as well.
I used to be very conscious in the beginning, then got used to it :--S

bragadeesh said...

i would object that last point.. "fewer would pursue onsite opportunities.."namma indiansuku onsite opportunity irukunu sonnale pothum, they would be ready to go out even in the open.. :)

Pointblank said...

hey... my first time here... funny post! But why is everyone writing bout restrooms these days? In vogue??

King Vishy said...

I to have got used to it now.. But stil, the old demons haunt me at times :)

he he.. u're true.. maybe the last line in my post was just vishful thinking :)

Welcome aboard! And guess u're referring to twisted-dna's post :) It was pure coincidence..
Or maybe it has something to do with the weather (Chennai's been a bit cold in the past few days)

Anonymous said...

Lol. I assure you, things are not too bad in the US :) Structures never really fell so far :)

King Vishy said...

@twisted dna:
Thanks a lot for the comments!! Extremely glad that you checked out my page thou your posts attract eleventy eleven other comments!!!

May I have the audacity to request for repeated visits from u? :)

Girl of Destiny said...

* grin *
good one! you also have to mention the deterring effect it has on one while one is trying to finish one's job!

oh btw, i've added you to my list!

F e r r a r i said...

Keep singing a song so that someone knows you are inside :D

Cha. If it had been common one, then Bharathiraja or Cheran would have made a romance scene out if this!

King Vishy said...

@girl of destiny:
LoL.. Gr8 observation..
And many thanks for the listing! :)

He he.. Guruvae.. Only you can think like this! :D

Anonymous said...

On the brighter side, even if the door gets jammed, you can crawl out of the door.

Anonymous said...

The design solves 2 purposes (not limited though). 1.Security (from an U.S mindset perspective) 2. You always have this feeling - let me finish it soon and get out (otherwise, the design would live up to the name - rest room)

King Vishy said...

Aahhaa.. ukkaandhu yosicha idea va?! :P

LoL @ ur second point.. And welcome aboard! :)
BTW do you have a blog? Have heard my Mom talk abt ur comments on ferrari's blogs..

Anonymous said...

It surely is a coincidence.. I have a restroom post half-finished under my drafts.. But totally unrelated.. I hope someday I'll finish it..
And hey, nice write up.
Like blogeswaran said, its to deter the shirks who would like to spend more time day-dreaming sitting comfortably, in a private setting, rather than sit and work in a cubicle.

King Vishy said...

@lone star:
This coincidence thing seems eerie! Anyway, come lets form a club then :D

Anonymous said...

hehehehe. I empathise with you

Girl of Destiny said...

Disc: this comment has nothing to do with your post.

Have tagged ya! Check it out

King Vishy said...

Thank you :) and welcome aboard!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vishy. I don't have a blog :) Bangalore traffic eats up my time and energy.