Friday, April 18, 2008

Et tu, Brute?

Got a pleasant surprise a month back when I found that Mathi had tagged me. Apologies to her for delaying this one. As any conscientious blogger would clarify, this been lying in the drafts for quite sometime.

Tags are great cos they give us something to write about, which can be a huge relief when one is running a dry patch. But what is greater about them is that they give us a sense of security: if at all the post ends up drab, one can always pass the blame on to the originator of the tag. ("Such a dull tag it was, there was only so much I could do to make it interesting")

Anyway, this tag demands me to put up eight facts about myself. Here goes...

Fact 1: I have lived in 6 different places till date: Tirupattur, Sholinghur, Vellore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore

Fact 2: I love myself. A lot.

Fact 3: Realization is dawning upon me slowly: 8 is a BIG number, actually

Fact 4: Few of my material desires/targets in life: A BMW for my first car, A huge bungalow with a swimming pool right at the heart of Chennai, a library at home with full collections of PG Wodehouse and Calvin & Hobbes

Fact 5: And I placed fact 4 here so that I don't chicken out in the future :)

Fact 6: I have installed Google's "monetizing tool" on this blog (wink wink. Aint I being subtle?)

Fact 7: My room at home is like an outhouse without an attached bathroom. Everytime I want to relieve myself at nights, I need to encounter and defeat 6 doors

Fact 8: My all time favo movies: Saamy, Lagaan, Azhagiya Theeyae, Alaipayuthey, Sarkar, M Kumaran S/o Mahalakshmi, Anbe Sivam, Phone Booth, Independence Day, Baasha and a few more which I have forgotten now

Passing the tag to Martian Geek, Prabhu Ferrari, Desi and Knittins.

p.s.: The title is not in Latin. "Ettu" is Tamil for "Eight" and "Brute" is English for "Brute".


Nitin said...

One of these days... :-)

desh said...

tag was answered few months back sir!!!

read it,

Girl of Destiny said...

Fact 4, point 3... brother!!
I'm halfway there :-) recently added a collection of 10 books by PGW bought at the Book fair for a steal. I was so happy all day!

Good work by the way :-)

desh said...

fact 4 , point 3

I want a Tintin+Asterix full collection :(

King Vishy said...

@girl of destiny..
I think I know what you're talking abt.. I saw that ten-in-one steal at Landmark sometime back.. But somehow could not get myself to buy it now.. It's like a milestone in life for me.. And I don't think I have achieved enough to reach that right away :)

Am not much of a Tintin fan.. But I adore Asterix! Must have been out of my mind to hav missed that in my list..

King Vishy said...

I'll look fwd to tat :)