Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yelagiri trip photos

Had been to Yelagiri about a month back.

The name Yelagiri comes from the words "Yela(m)" (meaning auction in Tamil) and "Giri" (referring to a movie starring Action King Arjun). Probably.

Here are some pics from the trip. We had a nice 6 km trek at a place called Swami Malai at Yelagiri. Am not satisfied with the number of good clicks I made. But anyway, nice to be foto-blogging after quite some gap!

Lights in the bus


Campfire - up close

Campfire again.
Not a perfect pic, someone is visible behind the fire which kinda spoils the effect.
But love this one cos the transience of the fire is visible!

During the trek.
Love this one cos of the various layers in the image,
each more faded than the ones at front, cos of mist.

One more image with layered clarity

Had taken this pic last year at Ooty with my mobile cam. Was a dream-come-true composition, but lack of image quality has always been irking me. (I didn't have a digicam back then)

Got a vaguely similar chance at Yelagiri this time! :)

Cattle grazing!
The scene is not as dramatic as in the other one though :(

Our trek path

Don't even know what this thing is.. And it's in real-life size here!!

View from the top

Some wild flowers

Was reminded of Clouds.bmp as I saw the sky :)

The only wildlife I could capture (apart from cows)

Pitter patter rain drops. On our windshield


Vijiram said...

Fantastic is not the word!!!!.. My vocabulary isnt good enuf for these... :)..

Girl of Destiny said...

great set. the fire, the unknown botanical specimen and the lizzie are well captured!

and LOL on your explanation of the name! From what I know, 'Yela(m)' is also a tamil word for Cardomom and 'Giri' means hill (think 'Girivalam'). The place gets its name as the Cardomom Hills (from the plantations there I should think).

King Vishy said...

Thanks a lot da :) am flying!!

@girl of destiny:
Thank uuuu!
And I too first thought its the same as cardamom hills, going by the words :) But wiki says otherwise.. Cardamom hills is along Kerala-TN border..

Uma said...

hey vishy,
can yelagiri trip be covered in oneday?
my hubby's office colleagues are planning for a day's trip to this place?
any suggestions?

King Vishy said...

Hiiii! Welcome aboard :)

Elagiri has not many tourist attractions to offer visitors.. There is this place (Swami malai) to trek, which is the single biggest thing there.. Then there is a boat house and a telescope observatory.. and there is a falls on the other side of the hill - Jalagambarai.. To reach there, need to go downhill and climb up near Tirupattur again..

In all, one can surely cover all these places in a single day..

But my suggestion is: ask them to go there the prev night and stay at some hotel.. Early next mornin, they can go for the trek.. cos it can get very exhaustive in the day time.. doing it early morning was the best thing we did..

We stayed at Hotel Hills (
Quite a nice place.. good service..

Subs said...

Too good:)
Now I want to learn photography too.Any tips on 'how to start'?

JK said...

Good photos...
on seeing this photos..i remember my college...i studied near to this place only....Did you visit to Nila voor?

one more information...this is called // Ezhaikalin OOTY//.

Anonymous said...

kya aag hai! :) Really good..

desh said...

great pics, wish some rain falls in bangalore, so much heat :(

King Vishy said...

Thank u :)
"Ivane photo edukum bodhu namma kandippa edukkalaam" nu oru feeling aa? :P
Am planning a photography series on my other blog (absolute gyan).. Guess that might give u some tips to start with..

Which college did u study in? I know the area fairly well (Tirupattur is my native place)..
No, we didn't visit Nilavoor.. We stayed at Athanaur..
And thanks for the additional info :)

Dhanyavaadha! :)

King Vishy said...

Lucky you.. You are in Bangalore.. Think of us guys in CHENNAIIIII da.. May-time in Chennai is the closest one can get to boiling point outside the teapot..

Karthik said...

Nice photos.....the fire pics are really good...Expecting a lot more close up Pics like the flowers.......

Subs said...

Cha..I didnt intend anything of that sort.Sorry,didnt realise you would take it that way.

My father has got a Nokia 7610 and I often try taking photos with it.
Sutthi sutthi yen munjiyum( ithunalaiya damage) and outside balcony wildlife mattum thaan eddukiraen.Thats why I wanted some tips.
First,pl explain what kind of pictures can be captured and would look good.(My friend even captures the fire under tawa so well).
Yup,will wait for that blog(before which I have to clear exams:))
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Pingback from Blogbharti: [...]King Vishy traveled recently to Yelagiri, and has posted a great set of photos[...]

Anonymous said...

came here via blogbharati...
truly lovely pictures...

King Vishy said...

Thank u potograper saar..
Actually I'd taken some more macro shots of other flowers.. but they did not turn up so well.. so omitted them from this collection..

He he.. There are quite a lot of tips.. But one point that you might like to remember is:
If it does not look good, then you are not close enough.
I truly believe in this.. Get as close to the subject as possible.. that will enhance the beauty, more often than not..

@harini calamur..
Welcome aboard :) and thanks for taking time off to comment..

BeeJay said...

Wow ! Excellent ! awesome ! great ! mindblowing !! these are not jodi no 1 judge comments.. but what i saw as comments for these posts...
And i am not goin for them. . These pics are gud. no second opinion in that.. but these pics are definitely not ur best. . i know u can do much much better than this.. plz dont get carried away wit these comments.. u shudnt stop experimenting wit ur litl magic lamp . .
Good luck

King Vishy said...

I too shared the same sentiments when I first saw the pics on the screen.. Wasn't satisfied.. But anyway went ahead and posted them..
Maybe getting too predictable :) Will remember this dude..
And thanks for not going with the crowd..

bragadeesh said...

I was going through a photoshop fire effect tutorial. It was going smoothly, until it wanted me to goto the link mentioned above. The picture mentioned in that link is not free :(. Had you taken few more snaps of that camp fire, you could have given them to this world for free!!!