Saturday, May 17, 2008


At my office's restroom


Girl of Destiny said...

What on earth do you guys do there, to trigger such a note???

Unknown said...

LOL on 'girl of destiny' comment. I too ask u the same ques, what did u do in that small pit? after all its a wash basin and not a .... ;-)

King Vishy said...

@girl of destiny..
LoL.. Mother promise-aa neenga nenaikura madhiri onnum illa!!

@karthick prabu..
Boss.. If you want to ask that question to someone, ask yourself :) We work at the same place remember?

Subs said...

:)..cant help smiling..everyone thinkin the same:)

Kavitha Jay said... imagination is running wild :P

Superficial Gibbering prater said...

From the foto i understand that your office restroom has an "out of order" washbasin.But i dont quite comprehend the meanings of the comments here.Is there any thing that i am missing out????Explanations please [:P]

King Vishy said...


Everyone's is :)

Aahaa.. U do not get it eh?
Does this mean you have been doing this only all these years?!?!
Dear friend.. It's time for you to know some hard truths.......
(Am reminded of that Friends episode where the guys tell Joey that his tailor does not take measurements for pants in a "proper" way :) )

Girl of Destiny said...

that comment just made me imagine S.G.P saying "That's how they do Paaaaaaaaants" in Joey's voice, only not 'Pants' there.


cafm said...


MTC really rewriting corporate history books eh ;)

Unknown said...


Looks like everybody is on the same page with respect to that closed basin... and am the only one who had thought something else which no one else thought... kuppura paduthu yosichirukkuren ;-))

The Seeker said...

Creativity @ its best!

Anonymous said...

The note now reads "Not in use"

King Vishy said...

Thanks for that :) I wanted to take a pic of that too and upload.. But forgot..