Monday, May 26, 2008


As I mentally detach myself from my workplace, I so want to reminisce the beautiful days I spent here. And the beautiful people I came across in the past couple of years.

In no specific order.


You’ve been my manager for the largest part of my stay at MindTree. But somehow I cringe whenever I use this word for you. You are the most un-managerly person I have come across ever. Not that I have seen many managers, but I do hear a lot of stories from my friends. And whenever that happens, I'm reminded of how unique you are. And whenever I tell people about you, they get envious of me.
And adding to that, I find some similarities in the way we think/operate :)
Hope, wish, pray and believe that you will be able to achieve your great ambitions in life.
p.s: Thanks a lot for the aloo parathas you made yourself on my last day at work. I was not in the mood to appreciate the dish then, but the gesture itself was so nice!


Feels kinda funny to write a farewell note for you. The last one and a half years, you were my confidante at work. A friend. And a mentor. It's hard to believe that you wont be there in any of the activities that I'd be doing now on. Be it RDS / TM / STP / DNB / MCC / Whatever! Or rather, I wont be there in any of these activities.
Will sure miss you in my assignments at (b) school :(
I have always been envious of your ability to tackle problems by decomposing them systematically. Wish I could do that!
And you and your husband are among the most doting couples I've ever seen. Wishing you both a great life ahead together!


What drew us together was our wavelength match. It's too good to be true. I can pull you into any activity of my interest, with closed eyes, knowing fully well that you would like it too. And so also the other way round.
You are clearly destined to serve the society. Whatever be your profession, I do not doubt one bit that you will find your 15 mins of fame in life in something that empowers our people - our country. Am sure the day is not far off when I will point your picture in the papers to my other friends and tell them that I know you pretty well. (Enakku IG ya theriyum :) )
For the sake of completion: You are one hell of an all rounder man!


Have known you well only for a few months now. But I guess we have moved along quite well in that period.
You're one of those pretty lasses in office who'll make heads turn wherever you go. But what I like the most about you is your conviction in things you believe in. It's hard-to-believe solid!
And your innocence. To the point of being labelled "ignorant" at times :D (Pallavi claims it's not true thou; guess u need to take it up with her)
Am sure you are giving people shocks wherever you go, with your being oh-so-different from what you appear to be, from far. You do not have pretensions, which is probably your defining quality. Don't ever change for anything please.
Wishing you a great life across the turn!


Hi Aunty (Aunty... Aunty... Aunty... :P)
Your infectious enthusiasm is very endearing. And making friends seems to come naturally to you - something an introvert like me has always been in awe of.
And I will always remember your ability to call a spade a spade. Along with your smartness.
You are among the very few women who manage personal interests well even after marriage and a kid. Would like to see you and Dhandu getting so much out of life forever! Like Mrs and Mr Shanthini, Mrs and Mr Pallavi too is a pair I admire :)


My only batch mate in RDS :)
Your uncanny ability to make people laugh has always made you a darling of the masses. Anything and everything always appears funny to you, which is something very rare to find. You would be an asset for any group you belong to da - be it personal / professional. People will always remember you for de-stressing them very easily machi!
May all your searches in life culminate in a grand sucess. And may the Lord assist you in your endavours.


Nee summa irundhaa kooda enakku sirippu vandhurudhu da.. Will always relish our train journeys and your college stories.
And I can never ever look at a court without thinking of you!! ;)
Again, we have known each other for a very short period and in limited circumstances. Though it does not feel so at all.
Would have loved to interact with you a lot more in different setups. Hope we cross paths again in the future.


My partner in crime at office :) Invariably I would end up just being a spectator, while you would indulge in the actual 'act' itself :( Irundhaalum paravalle. Enjoyed being that!
Have told numerous times about how I love your ability to handle people. So not going to delve into that.
But there is something else too that I admire in you - your ability to speak your mind. Many times I've seen you say difficult things to people close to you. I have never had that capacity. Would love to steal that from your armoury!

Anusha M

Like I've told you before, your enthusiasm sets you apart from everyone else.
And everyone knows you for your being a conventionally "good" girl :)
But of late some other feature of yours surfaced rather blatantly. The way you have been gorging food is stunning everyone :D Saapudradha paathu kannu vekka koodadhu than.. irundhaalum mudiyala!
One small request: People spend crores in making movies. Please dont laugh for the wrong scenes and cause a heartbreak for the makers!


You are one of the friends I picked up in the course of Crescendo. Will always remember you for your jokes, though most of them were PJs that would make the rest of us groan all day long. And will miss your tongue-in-cheek replies to the chain mails we all used to send so regularly.
Glad that you have started a blog for yourself finally. Will keep looking for updates there.
A pity that you had to be away during my last few days at office. Do drop in whenever you visit Bangalore, B** A****** Sir :)

(Siva) Karthik

Dai Devaa***. Except in TSA, we could not interact much at office. But guess our friendship from college continues as ever.
Your story of getting into our company is something I keep giving as an example for grit and determination to everyone da. I too often derive strength from those experiences of yours. You will always be an inspiration for me in that regard :)


You are all the people with whom I spent the largest part of my life at work. Apart from you, there have been others too who've defined my stay here; Nikhil, Vijay and Archana were among the first people I ganged up with and will always remain special. Sabari and Desi are nerds with whom my relationship grew from strength to strength - B-school interview to interview :D And Jeeva and Dwija are a couple of others very integral to my mental image of my company. And wish I could go on some trekking trip sometime with Vikram.

In all, I have had the privilege of getting up close with such beautiful people who give me such a strong sense of completeness. Am sure this is not to mark "the end". Seems more like a beginning to me. Cos only now do I realize how close I've got to you people, and how difficult it is for me to break away.

Just a couple of years guys.

I'll be back ;)


Pallavi said...

Comment ellam nalla thaan irundhudhu, But really can't take that AUNTY!!

We are gonna miss you for sure. Loads and loads of good wish all your way!! God bless.


Unknown said...

:) An ever green post.

Yep, I too agree with you that dennis and you think the same most of the time. Guess what, I too do that.

Apram.. about Pallavi AUNTY, ya Pallavi AUNTY manages her family well. Pallavi AUNTY manages her work well. Pallvi AUNTY manages both her life family and work well. Pallavi AUNTY is a good manager. Pallavi AUNTY is really a good manager. Pallavi AUNTY works hard. Pallavi AUNTY really works hard :) :) Pallavi AUNTY, waiting for your reply :D :D

Apram.. you said most of my jokes are PJ na.... inime enkitta pesadha.. oru Hi kooda sollatha...

Hi da Vishwa :D :P

Nandris for the post da.

Ajai said...

Touching farewell. Well thought and composed. Keep up the good work buddy.

BeeJay said...

I hate you Vishwa, because you made me cry :) I got reminded of our Wavlength matching again yesterday at Jeevan Bank when i saw that we had the same sms tone. I dint mention that coz i know u wud hav thought the same ;)

You are a golden leaf in MindTree !! ( nan unaku kuduka vendiya 400rs sariya pochu ;D )

And Enjoyed all the comments you gave abt everybody... Offlinela antha commentsku comment kudukren.. ipo sonnena apram un kudumbathula kozhapam vanthurum :D

King Vishy said...


U think like me and Dennis aa! That's news to me..
sandhosha paduradha, azharadha nu therila ;D
Great to hear that..

Thanks senior! :)

Adapavi manusha.. idhuve podhumae kudumbathula kozhappam panradhukku! :D

Unknown said...

Dei Vishwa, whos that Pallavi? Did you mean Pallavi Aunty?

Mr.Barani, yen da offline comments... ingaye discuss pannalaamae... namma naala vishwa ku evlo prachanai konduvara mudiyumo avlo kondu varanum.. ok wa..

King Vishy said...

@karthick prabu..
Kraadhaga.. Shandaala :)

hantan said...

you are lucky to have such cool friends

King Vishy said...

I indeed am :)

Jac said...

Machi you know what no body till date haven’t written a testimonial for me, you are the first one.
1st Thanks for reserving a place for me in your blog. Featuring in an IIM student’s blog, it just can’t get bigger than this.
2nd thanks for writing good about me:-D… Guess there was nothing ironical there :-P….

Truly, you have great patience da, I usually don’t say this to any1, and the only other person that I have said this before is to my Dad.
One good example that I could give is, the day @ the Citi Centre, guess it was ur 2nd last day at MindTree.
If I was in your situation, I just couldn’t imagine how I would have reacted. Hats off (and thanks for keeping up that artificial smile throughout the evening just to make sure others are happy)…
I also take this forum to apologize, in getting you into such a situation :-(.

Proud to have a friend like you.

And I pray that God May Shower you and your family with all blessings…
And that you may have a safe, and happy life i.e. priya-mana valka amaiya valthukaal :-D...

BeeJay said...

dei jacob.. un paasathuku oru alave illayada ;D

Unknown said...

I concur with barani comment. Jacob rommba nenjai.....

Bhargavi Krishnan said...

neat piece of work.good frenz man !! just that i don't follow too many of your "RDS / TM / STP / DNB / MCC" kinda terms :P

King Vishy said...

@Bhargavi Krishnan..
ya.. they are all great friends for me!! :)
And those letters are my workplace specific.. He he.. wont expect u to understand them :)