Monday, May 12, 2008

Search me!

Ok guys, I'm fed up of explaining to people that you can format your text in Gtalk.

- Enclosing text between asterisks makes them bold.
- Enclosing text between underscores makes them italicized.
- Dunno if there is a way to underline text. Let me know if there is.

Anyway, this is fairly common info. (That is to say, pls dont hit back saying your 5 - yr old cousin has this in his knowledge bank)

But there is something extremely interesting about Gmail that I got to know from my friend, philosopher and guide Rathna Anna!

In gmail, all the following IDs are one and the same:
and so on!

The dots can be played around with! :) If you dont believe me, send yourself a mail with the dot misplaced.

Interesting right?! :)

Do you guys know any other easter eggs like this?


Lava (Sanskrit: लव) said...

Searching mails in gmail is very easy now! Define the search operators properly - see below
A link from my co-worker Michael: from:michael http
A photo from my mom: from:mom has:attachment
That last chat I had with one of the Gmail product managers: keith is:chat
All messages from ebay that aren't outbid notices: ebay -outbid (the hyphen tells Gmail to return all of the messages that don't contain the word that follows it)
The messages in my inbox sent directly to me that I haven't read yet: to:me is:unread in:inbox

All the above can be found in the officail gmail blog!

Superficial Gibbering prater said...

Let me give one.It is possible to add a person to Gtalk list without giving them a request yourself.All you need to do is to send them a mail,and in case they reply .Thats it.Gtalk will automatically add them to ur Lsit and it saves the Tchy -Tchy Embarassment from giving them a request.

Tried and tested.Six Sigma Certified method.

Btw..The mesage on Twitter about Landmark is Good.LAndmark poi book mattum dhan partiya ?? :)

Venkata Ramanan S said...

u can also play with '+' in gmail...

ur address is ',...

u r signing up in some website with this..say ccna & cricinfo
u can register as



and so on.. it will still get delivered to your own...

gmail ignores all chars after a '+'...

u can filter your various mails by givin em as

n so on and on and on ...


Unknown said...

@ superficial:
Good info. but duno whether i wil use it..

Unknown said...

seri seri, dei put my url in ur blog roll.

apram, wats the link between kamasutra and automobiles section???

Stranger said...

That is the case only if both of you have enabled a particular option on gtalk. It is called the "Add people I communicate with often to my Friends list" .

King Vishy said...

That's a load of info!! Thanks dude..

Ya I knew that before..
And landmark la book mattum than da paathen.. Saamy sathyama..

That's great da!! Will help a lot when registerin for online stuff..
And as for the last couple of registrations, hope u'd be able to do the same this time next yr ;)

King Vishy said...

@karthick prabu..
"@ superficial:
Good info. but duno whether i wil use it.."
Yenna comment idhu? Avan unna use panna solli azhudhaana? :P

And blogroll panna solli ipdi bagirangama kaeka koodadhu.. u could have been a bit more subtle :P

And there is no link between kamasutra and automobiles (at least i think so.. unless some exotic positions hav been added to the book in recent times).. It's just that men are most interested in these two things, above anything else..

Thanks for adding value!!

Anonymous said...

Enable keyboard shortcuts from "Settings" on top-right corner and then from your inbox view, press "?" key. You will get the list of all keyboard shortcuts.