Thursday, July 24, 2008


Look at the Ad unit that Google chose to display below my last post:

Guess Google thought Clearasil helps in soothing burnt behinds?! :D

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random: Life @ IIMB

I was brushing my teeth at the washbasin, when a foreigner come out from one of the toilets there. (We have quite a few exchange students on campus). He was in quite a rush, and the moment he saw me, he blurted out a frantic "Hi". I managed a "Hello" in response, through my frothing mouth. And there was a queer bout of silence when he was washing his hands. Wishing to break it, I asked him:
"Are you from this block?"
"No I am not"
"Hmm.. Was wondering.. I haven't seen you around here"
Seemingly stunned by what I had just said, he thought for a second and then said,
"I come here only if it's very urgent"
and rushed off to class.
I felt so bloody embarrassed!! I had half a mind to call him back and clarify that I had actually referred to the block and not the restroom. But he had vanished by then.
An open request to all my readers: If you come across any blog by a non-Indian that narrates the harrowing experience of being asked about restroom preferences by an Indian, do mail me the link. Would like to know the other side of the story.


We have a section on our intranet portal for registering hostel complaints. A couple of days back, when I had a few minutes to kill, I went through the list of complaints that others had registered. Much of it was about broken locks and mosquitoes in the bathroom.
But there was this one complaint that kept surfacing time and again: "Getting hot water from all taps in the bathrooms and toilets. Very uncomfortable. Please set things right asap." It was the same guy who had registered the complaints many times over a few days. Apparently no action was taken for a while.
And this is what our guy put up next:

The taps were set right the next day :)

Monday, July 07, 2008

To "B" - is the answer.

Hey guys!

Been a long time since I posted anything here. Let me break my silence with something I love doing - a foto blog post.

Those of you who've seen IIMB campus would sure agree that it's a separate world of its own. Here are some glimpses from a walk I took yesterday evening.

(Maybe a sign for us guys to take things easy ;) )

Well, but obviously :) Have I ever posted pics without macros?

This was by accident. Didn't notice the creature when I framed the shot!!

If only the petals had been proper :(
Still, my favo among all flowers I've shot till date!

This was a God-send.
Have been waiting for months to click a butterfly on a flower.
And finally when I got the chance, didn't have enough time to get close enough.
Anyway, happy that I clicked this shot hurriedly before trying to position myself well. The butterfly had vanished by then :(

So this is the first part. Planning a second one soon, focussing largely on the buildings here. Amazing architecture.
Post: IIMB Pictures