Monday, July 07, 2008

To "B" - is the answer.

Hey guys!

Been a long time since I posted anything here. Let me break my silence with something I love doing - a foto blog post.

Those of you who've seen IIMB campus would sure agree that it's a separate world of its own. Here are some glimpses from a walk I took yesterday evening.

(Maybe a sign for us guys to take things easy ;) )

Well, but obviously :) Have I ever posted pics without macros?

This was by accident. Didn't notice the creature when I framed the shot!!

If only the petals had been proper :(
Still, my favo among all flowers I've shot till date!

This was a God-send.
Have been waiting for months to click a butterfly on a flower.
And finally when I got the chance, didn't have enough time to get close enough.
Anyway, happy that I clicked this shot hurriedly before trying to position myself well. The butterfly had vanished by then :(

So this is the first part. Planning a second one soon, focussing largely on the buildings here. Amazing architecture.
Post: IIMB Pictures


bragadeesh said...

awesome pics dude!!

Unknown said...

All fotos are good (as usual).

Esp, the 'Go Slow' is a master piece. Good angle.

tarnishoar said...

Pics r gr8...Good luck with your MBA & MPA(Master of Photographic Arts):P

Mouli said...

Greaattttt.. !!!

But Vishwa it seems the Butterfly Story is too Romantic !! It Conveys many meanings!!

But I m expecting something about ""B"" man !!

King Vishy said...

@bragadeesh and karthick prabu..
thanks machis :)

Hope I continue to have the time for these stuff..

Enna da many meanings? pls elaborate :)
And await the next set of pics for the other (actual) stuff from here..

AntoInigo said...


K with first 5 photos. But the remaining, u caught it from ur cam r ???

summa .. cool na.. i know u r good @ photography ..

Ramya said...

hey cool pics.. floral ones are amazing.. esp the pink flower and the one you had named your favo.. the one with mismanaged petals :) am wondering whetherto praise u or ur cam.. :P

King Vishy said...

thanks da :) Do drop in sometime here..
U too Mouli..

thanks :)
And praise me rather.. My cam is actually acting up.. the pics are not as sharp as I want them to be :(

Dwija said...

Hey Vishwa,

very good pics! So, hows life again at school?

divyasurendiran said...

hey, sooper pics! Once I saw your campus, I realised that you would be so happy clicking away the place!

King Vishy said...

Hey.. thanks!
How u doin? Am fine :) getting used to being back in a classroom.. but 1.5 hours per lecture is a bit tiring at times :(

thank uuuu! and very true :) I guess am not done yet.. there are so many parts of the campus i have not explored yet..

Unknown said...

Awesome pictures! Seeing your shots for the first time...the one with the yellow flower and green insect (grasshopper perhaps?) was the ultimate for me..

Even the GO SLOW one - seemed like saying "go slow and end up becoming big"..;)

Anonymous said...

ada paavi u have time for all this and not one mail... u r a failure as a brother!:-|

Subs said...

Awesome pics..amazing..simply the best:)

Subs said...

if u r free,jus out this guy's pics also.Similar to urs.

King Vishy said...

welcome aboard!! and thanks for ur patient analysis :)

Hellloo.. If you have not checked ur mail in the past week, that aint my prob!! :)

romba pugazhaadhe ma... vekkka vekkamaa varudhu ;) thnks!!

Anonymous said...

awful; keep sharing.. at all times...

King Vishy said...

@senthil raja.n..
I sincerely hope u meant "awesome" ;) thanks for commenting senthil!!

Anonymous said...

Machi! cool fotos!!especially de 3rd one...

Unknown said...

hey cool pics!
Btw...try with an SLR too.!

Ajai said...

Your photographic sense is good. IIM-B really looks enchanting through your SONY Digicam.

R.Balamurugan said...

Wats ur new no..??

King Vishy said...

thanks machi!! (thou would have loved to know which machi u are :) )

thanks!! and if I had an SLR, why would I not try with that :D

thanks :) and this place truly is enchanting anyway..

Messaged u today da :) innovative way, this..

Kasi Alagappan said...

Awesome pics dude! Joined any photography club there?
BTW what is ur camera model name?

King Vishy said...

@kasi alagappan..
Thank u kasi :)
Ya, I have just begun interacting with the photography club here.. Hope to learn lots soon and get better!!
My cam is a Sony DSC H3.. 8.1 MP, 10x optical zoom..

King Vishy said...

Dunno how I missed the link you had sent.. Just noticed that.. Thanks :)

Subs said...

No problem vishy.Both your styles seemed to match-the reason I sent the link.(too familar esp the path,lanes n flowers)