Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How to name it?

I have always been fascinated by dot-com blogs. They seem much more professional and profound and un-cheap than the dot-blogspot-dot-com and dot-wordpress-dot-com ones.

So after much thought and cost-benefit analysis, I decided to get a domain name for myself months back. Got to know from KP (www.kprabu.com) today that blogger offers domain names for a year at 10$!!

So I've decided to take the plunge. But I am unable to decide what to call my blog. Have put up a poll on the right side of this page. Do vote for your choice.

If you have some good option to suggest, do use the comments section of this post!


Lava (Sanskrit: लव) said...

www.vishfulthinking.com is the best one cos it has to be remembered by everyone. Out of the options this is the best one. If possible, try to chose one which has ur name in it.

hantan said...

vishfulthinking rocks

it shall b a one stop site for gyan and funda :)

Unknown said...


if you name your site as deeyendee.com, take it for granted that i am killing you brutally. cold blooded murder.

www.kprabu.com :)

Karthik said...


howz that dude..........go for fuel......

Sheks said...


King Vishy said...

Point noted!!

Hopefully it does not end up becoming a one "stop" site.. i shd keep posting :D

@karthick prabu..
Macha www.vishwa.com is already taken..


We think alike :)

Mouli said...

Hey Vishwa..

For 10$ you are goin for a page in blogger ah..?? Instead you can create a Domain for you and have your own things on that right..??

Remember always you can Give link to the Existing Blog .. But if you have an own web domain you can do what ever you want..

Awaiting to see the Website www.vishfulthinking.com

Subs said...

I go for

www. deeyendee. com

(or deeyendeevishy.com or DNDvishy.Makes sense na-DND vishy;)).

Ajai said...

Why don't you try www.flashyvishy.com?

Nitin said...

www.noooooooono.com ;-)

King Vishy said...

I haven't checked the prices quoted by others.. If they quote lesser, I might be tempted.. but the point is, with blogger I might find things easier cos my blog is with them.. I wont have many "management/admin" stuff to do.. Lets see..

Phew.. Finally a couple of ppl who think like I do :) I had this wierd notion that "deeyendee" is what people would relate me with.. like other brands like "hantan" or "solitarydreamer" ;) now reality seems very different!!

Heyyyy.. How come I didnt even think of flashyvishy myself!! :) Anyway, I am slowly moving ahead from that ID which I first started using in class 10.. In my IIMB interview the interviewer made me realize that I have probly grown up now and I might need to use some diff id :D

He he.. The whole of the batch will pounce on me for infringing on common copyrights :D

Unknown said...

how would www.vishy.com sound?

Subs said...

Me related with solitary dreamer?
I regret that I even thought of a name like that.Should have been mandatory sleeper( or something to do with laziness).Hantan is a creative one.

Hey,one more suggestion.How about www.ivish.com?

King Vishy said...

@krishna and subs..
liked both ur suggestions.. but they are both taken already by someone :(

mandatory sleeper.. LoL :D