Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Diya'li

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali! Hope the days have been great fun for you all.

We had a 'Diya Design' competition yesterday. Our Cultural Committee gave us 100 diyas and asked us to make any design of our choice. There are a couple of design geniuses in my class who came up a killer of a concept that got us the first prize :) These pics and the video mark the making of the design.

Chalking the outline on the floor

Banana leaves cut into shape

Building side walls to retain water inside the 'compound'

Diyas being arranged on the periphery

Diyas being arranged around Ganesha

The final design in all its splendour!

Our hostel block

And this is the video:

This is one reason why I believe IIMB is THE BEST B-SCHOOL in India. My peer network here is awesome. They are not people who just got lucky once in CAT. Nor are they people who simply busy their noses in books. The selection procedure of this school ensures that only people who are good in acads as well as in extra-curriculars, AND are consistent get thru. I have so many great artists and sportsmen around me that I often wonder how these people could shine in acads as well as in other stuff!

And no, am not saying this only out of loyalty to my place of B-ing. If you see any result of any interaction between the biggies - IIM A, B and C, you would realize what I mean. IIMC had come over here for a B-Vs-C sports meet a couple of months back.

And we won 15 - 2.

I rest my case.


Abhijit Raja said...

Awesome Pics and totally agree on the last point...... if you look at our batch, you would find that apart from acads, there are great talents in every person..........
And on the IIB-IIMC meet, I am glad I contributed to that scoreline :P

Gaya3 said...

The design is really awesome and no wonder u guys bagged the first place.... ^ _ ^

About IIM....already there is really a big picture in everyone's mind rite???
So it makes no wonder to see all such spectaculars within the campus....^ _ ^

You guys rock yaar....cool..keep it up.... ^ _ ^

insertsophisticatednamehere said...

Way too cool... isnt it you in the third pic??? looking up??? and the finished product looked beautiful but also kinda scary... geez so much u r doing and yet u say that there "is no diwali fever in iimb" ......

Subs said...

After reading your post,I am even more obsessed with IIM B :( . Need any other way to explain ?

King Vishy said...

Yaa.. Kudos to u dude! :)

The reason why I made that point is that there is a possibility that ppl may think IIM ppl are all bookish.. And in many places, that is true.. In fact when I came here, I was very worried abt that being true.. Thankfully my fears have been proven unfounded.. Anyway, that's why I find this place refreshingly different..

He he.. there WAS no 'fever' till the evenin when this started.. and ya, thats me in the third pic.. You wouldnt know by yourself kya?

Crack CAT 2008 then :) Last lap.. put in your all.. ATB to u and Hanta!

Nandini Gopal said...

looks amazing !! hats off.. :) wut material s d white base on which d ganesha is resting ??

n they must REALLY b putting u thru d wringer if u hav managed [;)] to get so thin !! [:0]

no offence, dat was a compliment ! [:D]

Enkephale said...


King Vishy said...

The white material is the back of some flex banners we used for Vista :D we had to put a few of them together and form the base to hold the water.. And thans for the "compliment", although I still have my own doubts abt the intent of that statement :)

You comment after ages in my blog, and this is what u had to say!!!!!!!! :(

desh said...

grt pics, frst one if u notice th grl looks into th lappy for th drawing, we r heavily into it nwdays :)

we have smthng knwn as eco ganesha at our place, will share the pics smtime, remind me

ur place is nice but it has loads of mosquitoes

tok bout a good khichdi of students and i think even we r pretty ok with it :)