Thursday, October 02, 2008

My first major event at IIMB

I have always loved taking part in organizing events. In fact, sometime after class 12, I almost stopped participating in any event; I rather loved being on the other side.

At IIMB, I will be experiencing my first major event next week - Vista, our B-fest falls on Oct 10-12, 2008. I am part of the publicity team, so you would find me spending some time blogging with others at

Which means lesser time available for :( anyway, just a week more.. Already planned my next post.. Will be a contest :) More info soon..

Anyway, find the official details of Vista at

I especially love the contest called Numero Uno. Its the flagship event here, and the concept drew me no end! It's a competition between masters of all trades!!! Will go on for three days, and test different types of skills - physical and mental. Haven't seen this kind of an event before, but the more I think of this, the more I want to introduce this at Tech :) definitely will draw crowds to watch..

Placements submissions and resume work going on in full swing too.. Got Pre-Placement Talks everyday.. Sometimes two in a day.. This is just the beginning, but acads, Vista, and placements suddenly seem like too much to chew :( battling on..


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

rombo vela panraram!!
Scene a kore da dai...taanga mudiyale :)

King Vishy said...

Hi Richa,

I dunno how I am "building a more powerful India" by posting on campus life, Voyeur pics that aren't, and burnt buttocks. So next time around, do read the blog before sending the invite :) Thanks anyway!!

(sss... habbaada.. dint expect any comment for this post.. A genuine thanks for that :) )

Naa kooda paravalle da.. enakku senior oruthan irukaan.. sariyaana mollamaari mudichavukki.. avan enakku maela scene poduvaan pagalguy la.. avanukku naa evlovo paravalle..

Subs said...

This is just the beginning, but acads, Vista, and placements suddenly seem like too much to chew :( battling on..

battling on ah??..neeya??..he he he..

sounds great but the blog said you were their official photographer?

King Vishy said...

"Verum photographer aa?" apdi nu nakkala sirikkiriya? that is a my role i assumed in the club.. but not my actual one :) vetthu paechu paesuradhu than ennoda actual role :D

Subs said...

Thats self damage:)

(Where are your other fans?)

Unknown said...

testing 'physical strength' in Numero Uno.... can you EXACTLY tell me what does that 'physical' test mean ;-)) That word brings lot of ambiguity among the minds of the reader you know... coz, after all I know you.. LOL :D