Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nothing2Lose: LightWait - I

Hiya there!

Me back on the blogosphere. And this time I am not going to resort to circuitous prose or eleventy-eleven pics of IIMB. I will exhibit the makings of a good manager and throw the gauntlet on you (See am using idioms and phrases.. another indication of me becoming a pseud-manager).

Presenting to you, the Nothing2Lose series of contests that will take place here on vishfulthinking.com. You have had only the comments sections for yourself till now. Break beyond the shackles and mark your presence in my posts!

The first of the lot is .....

LightWait - the photography contest series.

Do you believe you have an eye for photography? Have you ever been proud of pics shot by yourself? Bring them on!

The theme for Light Wait - I: Street photography.
So dish out your cam and click pics on the streets of wherever you are. It could be anything on the roads or in the sides. You may freeze the facade of a bungalow on your lens, or you may capture an old lady carrying a stack of hay in the dusty road to Sajjanpur. Your vish!

Points to note:
  • Maximum of 3 entries per person
  • Mail all your entries to vishwa@vishfulthinking.com
  • While I don't want to make this mandatory, it would be great if your pics could be between 800 and 1024 pixels in width. Will make my job easier when I post them up later
  • Do not add any borders to your pics
  • Pictures should be of jpeg type
  • Judging: Will be done by Vishful Thinkers (you all!) and me. Will define the specifics of this pretty soon
  • Deadline for sending entries: 11:59:59 PM on 25th October 2008
  • PRIZES await the winner
  • My decision will be final and binding (he he he.. I too got a chance to say this once in life)
Get going and mail me your creations! Lets fight it out.


Lava (Sanskrit: लव) said...

Check ur mail!

Karthik said...

sir.........mail check pannunga sir..........

Unknown said...

I am not going to take part in the competition; you might disqualify me because I was in 'Action Team'

He he


Enkephale said...

Vishwa - What is the purpose of this contest?

King Vishy said...

@lava and karthik..

I wont disqualify you as long as you do not use picasa for collage ;D

Actually dunno what to answer :D did not start it for any "purpose".. Just that I have a set of regular readers.. And wanted to involve them all here.. That's all..
And a while back a friend of mine (SGP) had announced a singing contest on his blog.. the idea clung to me.. This is the result of that..

Lava (Sanskrit: लव) said...

How long is the contest open???

Ananthasubramanian said...

**Crying aloud***
I am still planning to buy a camera.

**Scratches the head***

King Vishy said...

25th Oct da..

use ur 6630 da.. or get from someone for a day!!

Subs said...


sent :( . Big story in the mail :)

BeeJay said...

got excited on cing the contest in ur blog ... and luvd the comment of ebe and ur reply ;)

Unknown said...


foto contest ah vaikira.. hmmm.. hmmm.. will send you some photos... atha nella evaluate panni 1024 x 1024 resolution la unnoda blog la podu, nella thooya tamil la response varum readers (viewers) kitta irundhu.

maaten nu mattum sollidatha ;-)

Unknown said...

Naanum anupuraen paaru...KP-a naananu paarthuralaam ;)

Anonymous said...

Ada paavingala,route aae marudhae:)

Alameen said...

comin back after a long time...
when did u join iimb?
a belated congratulation..

the memory card of my cam is blocked. i will send u a snap taken from my mobile..


Unknown said...


Paarthudalaam.. neengala naana nu.. ;-))

P.S: Ebee and I have the same goal in mind ;-)), aaga motham, Mavane Vishwa, nee tholanja.

Unknown said...

@KP[ Karthik Prabhu illa ;) ]

enaku appovae theriyum Vishwa maela unaku kovamnu...naan innum marakala...enaiku avan namma team-a disqualify panninaano anaiku nee sonna...oru naal maataamala poiduvaanu...ippo theriyuthu athu ippo thaanu...


Vishwa, naan kooda konjamaavathu nalla photos anupalaamnu nenachitu irunthaen...ippo poti (competition) nu vanthuruchi...ini vida maataen naan...inga US la naan irukira edathula konjam beaches iruku...romba nalla photos anupuraen paaru...paarthutu nee mattum santhoshapadaama ellaarukum kaami...Subject-la "Yaam petra inbam iv vaiyaham peruhuha" nu podu ;)


Gaya3 said...

Is the contest still open ^ _ ^????

I want to send some.... ^ _ ^

Gaya3 said...

Thank you so much vishwa ^ _ ^

insertsophisticatednamehere said...

Hiya there bro! im inspired from u so visit - havesunfun.blogspot.com
havent done much but u mite wanna see..

BeeJay said...

I cudnt participate in this event :( .. Not bcoz i m busy.. its bcoz i dint had an entri gud enough to post in this contest . . But i wl give my contribution by Voting for the entries :)

King Vishy said...

Hey ppl.. got loads of entries.. thanks a lot :) Am jus finalizin on how to put these up for vote, and how to actually judge the event.. hope to get that done by tonight or tomo..

Thank you for your patience! and happy diwali..

Enkephale said...