Thursday, November 06, 2008

The 4th idiot

Today morning I was returning from the mess to my room when I saw a group of folks standing near my room looking at the looooong corridor longingly, with SLR cameras in hand. That struck a chord with me cos that's a frame I love too. It's a very long corridor with neat rows of beams on top and pillars on the side - a photographer's dream setup.

So without any hesitation I approached them and introduced myself and asked if they were from some photography club. That kinda shocked them all. They looked at each other and laughed out loud and said they were making a movie here.

"Oh! Sorry I mistook you all cos of these cameras. If you are looking for some nice place, there is this thing called the Central Pergola. Have you seen it? The huge window on a large stone wall?"

"Ya we've seen that. Can take silhouettes there"

"Ya that's why I suggested that place :) BTW we have a photography club here"

"Oh is it? Cool. So what do you folks do in the club?"

"We move around taking pics in the campus and outside"

"That's great. Can we have a look at the pics?"

"Ya sure.. I'll get in touch with the club folks and make a collection and meet you. How long will you be here for?"

"Two more days."

"Fine, I will get in touch with you by then. Bye!"


And only after that did I realise who they were - Raju Hirani and his crew for the movie '3 idiots' starring Aamir khan, and Madhavan!! :) I kicked myself for not realizing that when I was talking to them (Raju's crew.. Not Aamir and Maddy.. They werent thr).. Now a Google image search confirms it was Raju Hirani.

Hope I really get to meet him again in the next couple of days!


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Mudichavuki twitter tweet... LOLLL. LOLL.

Subs said...

So yours became Delhi IIT huh??

I bet Hirani would never forget the guy who taught him to shoot:)

(Who is going to b Ryan??Who is going to b Ryan?? Not any of them :( )

BeeJay said...

machi machi. . yeppadiyavathu antha padathula oru framelayavathu vanthudra :D

மதன்ராஜ் மெய்ஞானம் said...

Aamir... Madhavan.... Madhan... Combination eppadi maappi...??

Konjam eduthu sollen...

King Vishy said...


@karthick prabu..

He he ya :) and who do YOU think should be Ryan?

Kannnndippaa :) Frame la background la engayavudhu oruthan vaetti pottutu irundha adhu naan than :D shooting in jan only thou..

Daii.. welcome to and ok machi un photo, age, ellaam vechu bio data anuppu.. recommendation panren :P

Subs said...

"Frame la background la engayavudhu oruthan vaetti pottutu irundha adhu naan than " - Pesuma neeyae Ryan'a irrunduru.namma oru stlye :).Tarmaru.

(Probably directed by TR eh??..hmmm..i leave it to your choice)

Ryan is way too gethu to be played by anyone.

insertsophisticatednamehere said...

u really are an idiot... kyoon re apna film ka knowledge improve nahi kar sakta with us in poy??? disgrace to me jo and nandy.... cum to poy we'll see u now ill really put the "dai naan singam daa" thingy into effect..... aaaaarghhhhh

Sheks said...

Looking at the label "Karpoora Vaasanai" leads me to infer that Raju Hirani is the camphor smell and you are the Don..err...ungaLa poyi appadi sollanumaa-nu yosikkaraen!! :-)

Unknown said...

:) :) :) starting reading today... become a great fan of ur writings... hope to meet u soon in june 2009