Monday, February 23, 2009

Aero India 2009 at Bangalore

The first ever time I witnessed an Air Show was in Chennai 2 years back. As lakhs assembled at the unending stretch of Marina, fighter planes flew in from the Tambaram base and exhibited their skills. I felt elated after that show - what an exhibition of power it was!

So this time when the once-in-2-years Air Show happened in Bangalore, I made it a point to pay a visit.

The show began with a huge monster of a plane taking off at exactly 2.30 PM - the scheduled time.
The gray colored thing bearing the inscription "US Air Force" was the size of a regular commercial plane, but was extremely agile. The sharp take-off and mid-air turns were incredible, given the size of the plane.

But for the sharp turns, there wasn't much that this plane had on offer. But it was impressive in itself.

Once this plane landed, up went a cute little thing. But the noise it made, and the speeds it achieved were totally un-cute! It was a major fight for me to catch that little thing within my frame - it was too quick to follow! But barely managed a couple of clicks.

Next followed a model that was much bigger in size, but quite agile and acrobatic. It was a majestic sight to see its bright colors against the bluish-gray sky.

A vertical climb, followed by free fall!

Another vertical climb

What followed was a white colored small plane-let, if I may say so. The pilot did pull off a lot of stunning stunts, but the size and capacity of the plane was not very impressive. The propeller at front only added to the indifference that people were showering on this little flying thingee.

I personally think this was just to keep us busy while something spectacular was getting ready - The Suryakiran Team!

The team ganging up...

...zooming in...

and swinging into action, right away!

'O' poduraangappa!

Among the best aerobatics teams in the world, Suryakiran did not fail this time either.

The 'T' formation, meaning "Thank you for coming"

The Suryakiran team disbanding - my favo display!

Pretty soon, the Saarang team of Helicopters climbed up into the sky. Unlike planes, helicopters are extremely tough to control. They take some time to respond. But the team made it seem like child's play!

The diamond formation

The final performance was by the Akash Ganga team of sky divers.

With that, the show came to a close. And we started walking towards the exit.

An array of aircrafts that were kept on exhibit

Couldn't resist :)

Air shows invariably leave one feeling damn bloody proud of one's own country :)


Ajai said...

Excellent pics. Good coverage. Thanks Vish

Unknown said...

Lively writeup and super images.

ரமேஷ் said...

I just thought you will have only images. the write up was cool. couldn't resist. :) good one!

King Vishy said...

Now I am getting doubts abt the validity of the comments :) There is hardly any 'writeup' up there.. Guess u ppl are commenting by habit and template :P

Thanks anyways guys :)

Abhishek said...

Hi Vishy,

Cool snaps... and one should always feel proud being Indian.


Unknown said...

Wow, wish I had been there.

Only complaint is the planes that have casually branded as 'a cute plane' or 'another model that was bigger' etc are actually the Mirage-2000 and the Sukhoi 30-MKI; two of the deadliest multi-role fighters in the planet. :D

As an aside, people generally view these air-shows an outward expression our power and force etc. Unfortunately, hardly any of these planes are Indian made. Sure, we as a nation are rich enough to buy them, but that does not tell a lot about our nationhood. Things are changing though Very soon, we should be seeing our very own indigenously developed Tejas in full flight


King Vishy said...

Thanks a lot for clarifying :D I actually wanted to ask for the names of these planes.. Then forgot to put it in the blog.. good that u voluntarily helped me out!!

Pranav said...

timely clicks da... Pics are excellent...

Bhargavi Krishnan said...

classic pics man!! tala pola varuma!!

Unknown said...

dei dobber, if there are 2 lines, its still a write up.

2 lines are more than enough to bloody convey a meaningful message.

I hope you have written more than 2 lines, for that matter one single word will do :)

I always write EVERYTHING in a clear state of mind.

You doubt my comment huh? Don't even have a second thought about it.

Unknown said...

You just can't say 'by habit, template'.

Irritates one who honestly comments :(

King Vishy said...

KP.. Light-aa kaala vaarunadhukku ipdi oru senti reaction aa! :) JK man!

BeeJay said...

I believe u took the snaps of a similar kind of show while we were at OTP. . apo OTP , ipo bengaloru , naaliku yenthooro :)

i remember u were cursing urself for not able to take better pics at Chennai.. Ths time definetly u shud have satisfied.
the pics are great n awesome . Luv all :)

King Vishy said...

Thanks a lot for ur compliments :)
BTW I like the pics I took last time actually :) Cos at Chennai the flights flew very close to the ground (pakkathula kadal irukkura dhairiyam nu nenaikkuren :D).. and the air was clear.. inga all planes flew at a greater height.. and the sky/air was not very clear.. was kinda hazy..
but glad u like this! :)