Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1-up at IIMB: A review - II

Moving on from people.

One major change IIMB brought in my life is in the area of time management and responsiveness. Earlier, I would never be able to think up something and execute it right away. I used to need quite a lot of time to ‘get mentally prepared’. But this changed at IIMB. One would hardly get time to ‘get comfy’ with stuff. Things always move at Top Gear. So I was forced to think on my feet, always. And by now, have got used to it. It’s no more painful for me to get into something right away. I do not feel unsure and inadequate as I used to earlier. One major learning I had at IIMB.

And in a related topic, I also learned to enjoy during and between work. In my life before IIMB, ‘fun time’ and ‘work time’ was very clearly defined and planned. I would never be able to enjoy my lunch if there was an EoD deliverable left unfinished. Even if I were on schedule, I would still feel insecure and would not really be able to have fun. But now, things have changed. At IIMB, the only fun you get is wedged between bouts of hard work. And I have got used to that way of life now. I can easily switch between work and fun at the sound of an email. I guess this is in preparation for the corporate life I have ahead of me. Am I thankful to IIMB for this! Else, my work-life balance would have gone for a toss.

One aspect of IIMB that every student would have to come to terms with is – you are not much. You may have so many achievements behind your name, but then so does everyone here. So what’s new with you? This is a heartless realization one has to come to terms with here, especially a brief period after joining, cos that is when all the adulation from the home frontiers would be at a peak. And if you peak today in a quiz, nothing guarantees that you won’t be the last guy on the mark list in the surprise quiz of tomorrow. Greatness is not perennial here – neither in space nor in time.

IIM life always comes with bizarre sleeping hours and durations. But it’s not mandatory, mind you. There are so many people I know who cannot stay up beyond 11 PM, and get their 8 hours every day. It is very possible on most days. Things are not as bad as they are purported. But there’s a catch to it :) YOU have to decide how you want things to be. Most people choose to stay up for long (12.30 AM – 2.00 AM is when the campus begins to slowly tuck in for the night). But that is cos they choose to spend a part of the day chatting / watching movies / playing computer games / etc. So if at all one is worried about the late hours one needs to put in, well, it’s not as bad as it seems from outside. There WILL be a few sleepless nights every month. But then that’s hardly anything to lose sleep over :P

So is everything hunky dory about IIMB? Is it the perfect abode on earth?

Obviously no. No place is perfect.

One depressing aspect of any IIM is that with competition being at sickening levels, and the stakes being perceived as terribly high, it is alarmingly easy for people to get their priorities skewed and become individualistic. It pains me (and many folks in here) when some brilliant intellectual starts behaving in a self-centered fashion. And that happens fairly often here. You can easily see through some folks who do everything with some hidden motives (which always target better placements). That is something I wish were different here. It is the bane at any IIM, but a bane alright. Not everyone is like this though. The majority gets its focus right very soon after joining. What I despise is a minority, mind you.

And this is the reason why I just *love* my section folks! The Dakoos are an awesome bunch of very helpful people who always think, work and act as a single entity. The entire class of 73 people feels like a gang that has similar tastes and preferences. There have been very few instances of individualism in Dakoo history, and am I proud as hell about that! Thank you, Dakoos! You are among my most favourite memories of first year life at IIMB!

This time of the year is when many lucky people with multiple IIM seats at hand scratch their heads wondering which IIM to go to. My 2 cents on this (much of it borrowed from Prahalad :) ): Where you end up after 2 yrs is not going to be very different between A, B and C. Placements are great at all these three institutions. So you might want to choose an insti that suits your attitude. In that sense, IIMB is for a consistent high-achiever who has huge dreams, but wants to reach there without compromising on something that actually matters in life – viz. life itself. Work as well as life here is intense.

On the whole, if I look back at my first year, one thing that makes me boundlessly proud is:

You go out.. Meet some people.. And tell them you are from IIMB.. and they take a second, closer look at you saying “Ohhhhhhhh”..

That’s when all the hardships seem worth it.


Chandak said...

Its Piyush here...PGP1...met you at the meet...
The sleep part was very comforting but I guess the fear would only go away once I actually land there :)

King Vishy said...

Hey Piyush.. Welcome aboard!

And ya.. You guessed right :) Once you are in here it does not remain such a big thing, as it might seem from outside..

ARR said...

Well-said! Here's wishing you as wonderful a 2nd yr as the 1st!

Tanay said...

So the Dakoos come in ! Hail them (mata especially!)

I have a slightly different take on the IIM brand: Some people in my locality(a suburban town south of Kolkata)feel I couldn't get admission in a "government" institute in West Bengal, so i am paying a bomb for this private insti in Bangalore called IIMB! Beat that!

King Vishy said...

Thanks a lot madame!! :)

Yup.. That's why I dont even take the insti name when I meet ppl who wont know.. I just tell them I am doing my MBA.. That carries greater weight with them, than telling them that we belong to the rolls of an obscure insti in Bilekahalli..

Unknown said...


Lucky dakoos. But, what does dakooks mean?

By the way, dei PP, why all your posts are only on IIM B? (even Dennis has the same thought, ask him)

Nowadays, almost all of ur posts center IIM B. Enna da aachu unaku? You have changed a bit, not the old Vishwa. Ommals.

King Vishy said...

@karthick prabu..
"Dakoos" means thieves/dacoits.. And don't ask me why we chose this name for our section :)

And what!!! All my posts are on IIMB is it??

In my last 12 posts (written over the past 6 months), only 2 are about IIMB. That's about 16.67%! I have been LIVING in the place for a year.. Then it is bound to get at least so much of my blogspace, dont you think?? :)

Dennis!!! Neengaluma!

Venkata Ramanan S said...

//Greatness is not perennial here – neither in space nor in time.//

Gr8!! Cant be btr :)

King Vishy said...

Thanks machi :)

hantan said...

had asked you more about IIM B stories, and here they come.. thanks thala.. And what a name to cal the future leaders in the corporate world - Dakoos, lol..
this post was much better than your previous write up.
Awaiting for more.. Anecdotes if possible.. that will be funny and a lovely read

King Vishy said...

I cant find any stories in this one either :D
Anyway thanks da.. Any anecdotes I could think of right away are all context specific.. Wont make sense to you.. Will take this up later when I think of somethin :)

Ajai said...

This post is really informative one. Good post especially for budding IIMers.

DT said...

You go out.. Meet some people.. And tell them you are from IIMB.. and they take a second, closer look at you saying “Ohhhhhhhh”.. I have an offer from B this time (lone call) and have had some really hilarious experiences - from being asked not to join IIMs at all by one end of the spectrum to being asked stuff like "Oh, IIM .. I have heard that somewhere. But why don't you join some good institute like Christ College" by the other "end". I think I have enough material to write a blog about it.

anyways, in my humble opinion, vanity and public perception are really shallow things to base your decisions on life. right ?

King Vishy said...

Thanks thala :)

@dawn thomas..
Absolutely.. You shouldn't base your decision on this.. Shallow is the word to use..
But all said and done, once you are thru, and often life here gets at you, these 'shallow' things give some happiness at least :) none can deny that!

Tamsin said...

i had been lookin about for blogs detailin life at iimb.. coz i do have the that "fear" atleast of being able to cope up or not.. there seems to be an extraordinary amount of talent there!
i suppose now.. that i will get through just fine :)

King Vishy said...

You will :)
Thousands of people have done it before.. Surely you should be able to do it then?

Anonymous said...

Very few people actually know about IIMs as compared to IITs which are much more popular amongst common junta ....

Anonymous said...

Hey, can u tell me wat could be a convincing answer to d question "why IIMB?" in the interview?