Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Salaam Bombay

A photo-post after a long time.

Long long ago, so long ago, that nobody remembers how long ago, I announced a contest, remember? The topic was street photography. I did get a lot of entries. But many participants had misunderstood the meaning of the term.

Street photography does not mean photographs of streets and roads. It refers to the freezing of routine life OR the out of the ordinary that one experiences in one's normal activities daily - on the streets.

Sounds too profound? Nothing much actually. This post comes with some samples of street photography from the streets of Mumbai..


Venkata Ramanan S said...

Gr8 fotos !!Kudos !! hope u can find more intrsting stuff at daravi..

insertsophisticatednamehere said...

hmmm nice way to get out of giving the prize.. way to go "vichu"!!!

Anonymous said...

nice photos.. but having known you.. i am expecting much more from you..

King Vishy said...

Thanks da :)
And no plans to go to Dharavi.. Not yet at least.. but now that you raise it, hmmm.. Lets see!! Thanks for the thought!

No no.. I'll release the results soon and declare the prize too :) not escaping!!

Thanks for the honest feedback da.. Ya there are a lot of pics in there that I would normally not take, or post.. But clicking pics on the roads is so not easy! Especially in a new city :D Was very conscious of ppl glaring at my antics with my cam on the roads.. So I kinda hurried up my clicks.. Guess it shows..

Unknown said...

yenda dei, kaila irukura Nokia 6681 eh vachu thirumbira direction la ellam photo eduthittu, atha kondu poi picasa la potu, editing, morphing, jilpanse, jala-bula, jila-bullah ellam senju, inga upload panni, comment vaangi... yeppa yeppa yemma yemma.

King Vishy said...

Nokkkkkiiiiaaa 6681 aa? HALLOA! Sony DSC H3 maaa!! Anga irundha veraikkum vidha vidhama pose kuduthu photo eduthukitiyae.. adheyyyy camera..
Kali kaalam!

Anonymous said...

@Vishy: It is really a good attempt with a advanced point and shoot.. i think you should get a DSLR soon.. why not a Nikon D5000??? :D it would actually show you :)

Kavity said...

Nice pics :)
I liked the 'No Parking' one - the irony of painting that on a gate which looks dilapidated enough to give the feeling of not having been touched in a 100 thousand years.
I feel, Mumbai, 'cos of its imploding population has a plethora of actions, reactions and emotions to offer the inquisitive photographer..

King Vishy said...

Dai.. Vendha punnu la vaela paachuriya?? :) If I dont have an SLR it means I cant afford it as yet!!!

Nice interpretation of the no parking thing :)
and u are very right abt the stuff that mumbai has on offer for photographers..
The haste of the city is something I would like to freeze on cam.. It's very characteristic of this place, and has got on to me though I thought I abhorred it myself :D

Anonymous said...

@Vishy: Come on.. IIMB la ellam padikkuringa... soon u will be able to afford for 1 more than 1 at a time. ;)

King Vishy said...

IIMB la padikkuradhu than da prechnai :) fees katta lakhs la loan vaangi iruken :(

Aswin Anand said...

"No Parking" -- LOL !! That was the best of this lot.

Subs said...


sema po. Is this what is called street photography :(? I am one of the few who got it all wrong :(.

King Vishy said...

@aswin anand..
Actually I didnt get what the joke is abt :) Just felt like clicking it, and I did.. Had no 'meaning' behind that photo!! But anyway, nice to see that you have a funny interpretation :)

Not exactly.. I think one of your entries was spot on..

Subs said...

Is it so ??


You made my day

Bhargavi Krishnan said...


The pic wit dogs sitting under the bench and ppl sitting on the bench... is ... I am outta words!!

super anna :)

King Vishy said...

I meant it fit the definition :) This is no hint at the prizes.. Cos I haven't judged them yet :D

@bhargavi krishnan..
Thanks a lot :)
It is one of my faves too.. Spent quite a while trying to take this pic.. was a bit difficult cos I was across the road and vehicles kept coming in between..
But it leaves a lot to be desired wrt clarity..

Subs said...

I meant it fit the definition :) This is no hint at the prizes.. Cos I haven't judged them yet :D