Friday, May 08, 2009

Vote for Sarath Babu!

While on the one hand we constantly crib about the educated Indian isolating himself from the political process, silently a revolution seems to be taking place in India. Come every election, we find younger and younger people stepping into the arena. If last time it was the Lok Paritran, this time Foodking Sarath Babu is making heads turn with his brave decision.
Actually when my Mom SMSed me a month back saying that he was contesting the elections, my first reaction was "What the hell, isn't this too early for him?".
But in one sense, it's already too late! More people like him have to enter the fray.
Lok Paritran failed. And honestly speaking, Sarath also may not make much more than a few headlines here and there. But there is such a thing as a learning curve. As my dear friend Rathu puts it, people in future will learn from these experiences and some day educated youth will meet politicians eye-to-eye in the game of politics.
Lets lend all the support we can to this transformation.
Calling all South Chennai voters to express their support.
If you have not formed an opinion about this yet, take my word - Vote for Sarath Babu.
Also get your parents / friends / relatives to vote for the man. Think of all the times you convinced / forced / cajoled them into doing something in the past? Add one more to the list.

And most importantly:
Or you wont matter.

- - - - - - - - - - Update - - - - - - - - - - -
South Chennai Election Results:
Total Votes: 7,26,329
Rajendran C (ADMK):3,08,567
Bharathy RS (DMK): 2,75,632
Gopinath V (DMDK): 67,291
Ganesan La (BJP): 42,925
Sarath Babu E: 14,101

5th out of around 50 candidates. 6th candidate had 2154 votes.

Decent performance, what?

Full results here.


cafm said...

chk this out dude :)

Bhargavi Krishnan said...

anna to be honest, I feel that any day educated youth would not gain as much popularity as the ruling gundas!! It is about the mass being educated... All that counts...

Anyways... My support is for Sarath Babu.. though I wudn come into the south Chennai constituency.