Saturday, August 15, 2009

IIMB - Independence Day Video

Sometime a couple of months ago, Rakesh came up with the concept of creating a patriotic video for IIMB. Mile Sur Mera Tumhara was the last rage, and he felt it was maybe time to try out a new one. So we set out working on ARR's Jana Gana Mana.
The videos were shot in a single day - surprisingly almost everything went off well that day. We had fixed time slots for the shooting for everyone - from the director of the insti, to the housekeeping staff. We simply couldn't afford to get delayed anywhere given the packed schedule. And we also had to tug along the heavy camera, monitor, tripod, blowers et al and run all around the campus. Was a verrrrry hectic day! Luckily had a good cameraman - Mr Rafiq who understood exactly what I wanted. And even more luckily have a very devoted wife who wanted to be the 'squirrel' and ended up being a lot more!
Anyway, here is the final product of my first 'professional' attempt :)


Anonymous said...

Approaching the top-honchos of a insti like IIM-B and getting them to act for a video like this might mean two things
1) Vishwa is very famous all over IIM-B.
2) Vishwa tortured them to act. :P

I know option 1 is the truth :)

Very good video man!!!

BTW, I knew 3 faces in the video (You, Priya and Srini CompSci guy)

Kavity said...

Nostalgic! Great stuff :)

BeeJay said...

Many People Think. Many people Just Think. Only few, will convert it to Action. The Guts to ACT is what needed for our nation.

Kudos to ALL of you in the TEAM.
Great Job. Jai Hind.

(nee solli kuduthatha correcta soltena Vishwa ;) )

Karthik said...

Great da machi

it should have been some dream for you to do this video.....Congrats for such a good attempt.......

King Vishy said...

He he.. glad you think so :P But the fact was that this was an initiative by the alumni assn.. So had insti level support in getting people from the helm :)
Thanks for your compliments da.. And I guess the guy you are referring to is Mani..

Thanks! :)
And am pretty worried I'll soon be over at your end, and will possibly be commenting like this in one of our juniors' blogs :(

Adaaaapaaavi makkaaaa! :-|

Ya it was truly a dream come true da.. Being given an interesting task supported by good quality equipment, funds, and creative freedom was truly a dream come true!
And nambavae mudila.. Neeya idhu?! Nakkala oru comment kooda illa? :P
Thanks for the compliments machi :)

Subs said...


Alpine Path said...

Really good! Am impressed :)

R Srikkant said...

Awesome na! You always find time to do such stuff, which is more awesome! :) Keep it up na! Proud of you!

Senthil Raja said...

Excellent.. video.. vishwa.. keep going...

King Vishy said...

Baffled aa.. andha alavukku yen maela avanambikkaya? :P
Thanks for the exclamation :)

@alpine path..
Glad you're impressed! :) And thanks for saying..

Thanks da :)

@senthil raja..
Thanks a lot :) and nice to recv comments from you after long!

Dwija said...

Hey Vishwa..Heartiest Congratulations!! That was an awesome effort and outcome!

Subs said...

oh! sorry for my vetti wrong usage. Speechless would be the word :).


Unknown said...

Hey bro....all titanian saw the was superb.....Rock on dude

Unknown said...

Hey Bro.....the clip was superb.....whole titanians saw it.......rock on dude.......

Vijiram said...

Amazing da!!

மதன்ராஜ் மெய்ஞானம் said...

Not so easy da... Appreciate the GUTS machi...

Unknown said...

Theme was good. When the humming voice runs in the background, everyone was closing their eyes.. this was too good.

Mouli said...

Hi Vishwa,

Brilliant Idea !!

Where ever you go your creativity has its own output.. Also , PSG Life helps us wherever we go...

I hope you had made 15th August 2009 to be a memorable day for everyone @ IIMB


Sathya said...

Machi dey,

What do you mean everything went well?

You didnt get the mega-star actor remember?

King Vishy said...

Thanks! :)


Thanks a lot for the free publicity bro! :D

Thanks machi.. btw office la innum mask pottutu suthuriya? illa leave-ae pottutiya?

Thanks for the insightful comments that you gave on chat machi.. Don't think many would have seen it in that way!

Thanks a lot!! :)

He he.. that was directly lifted from the original video's theme :D

Aug 15 was a very memorable day for me, not for IIMB :D Felt like I was back in Tech, doing all this multimedia stuff..
PSG has become a part of every great thing I do da.. Just love that place!

If the 'mega-star actor' decides to skip shooting despite signing the call-sheet, I am not impressed by his professionalism :P

Vijay said...

Great Video!

Great initiative!

Good on you Vishwa!

Hariharasudhan Viswanathan said...

Just saw the video...brilliant machi...rock on!

Jeff said...

anna gethu . if u could also have composed some music of urs entirely by vishy video a irundhurukum also i noticed one peculiar thing na for the voice of asha bhonsle all three are singing while for the rest it is only one among the group. Any spl reasons for that?

King Vishy said...

Thanks a lot machi :)

Thanks da :)

music ellaam compose panna theriyadhu da enakku.. though I have a very close friend who can do that.. nice thought for the next work :) thanks!
As for the number of people singing the song, I wanted only one person to sing.. But when having so many different people of different cadres, a lot of other considerations come in, and I had to intentionally become inconsistent..
Very observant! :)

Srivatsa Kondapalli said...

Awesome stuff dude...Feel like studying at IIMB, when looking at the starting part of the video...

Thenmuga Selvan said...

Hello Thala,

Its an Excellent Work.... Awesome with Anni too in the video...

Great work

sriram said...

Great job! :)

Any plans to make a video for valentines day too ? :P

King Vishy said...

@srivatsa.. coming from you, glad for that comment :)

@vikram.. thanks da :)

@sriram.. why not.. you want to star in that? :)

Sundeep said...

my first visit here...
am ur junior.. hav heard a lot about this blog.. only today tried it..

gr8 idea and gr8 work na...
kudos :)

King Vishy said...

Hey Sundeep.. thanks da :)