Saturday, August 08, 2009

Wedding Photographers in Chennai?

As Nov gets nearer, the home front is getting more and more active. As D-Day (literally!) arrives, my sis D is harder to talk to. If only her phone were any smaller, you would think it was her earring - always by her ears! And ISD isn't a barrier anymore. VoIP to the rescue of the future 'woip' of an America maaple.

To the point: This post is a request to all Chennai-ites - please suggest some good wedding photographer in Chennai. I am looking at online sources and reviews, but nothing like first hand reviews!

So if you folks know someone good in Chennai, do let me know - in the comments or by mail!


Update: More than 8 months later, I keep getting many hits on this particular post. So some gyan for those who land here from Google:
- I ended up booking Mr Sabari (Priya Vision, Coimbatore) - he is an amazing photographer with a very artistic eye. Drop me a mail for his contact (vishwa (dot) suren at gmail)
- Udhaya from Trichy is another great choice. See Chandy's comment below to get to Udhaya
- Raja Ponsingh is the undisputed leader in the Chennai wedding photography market. If you have landed here from Google, the odds are that you have already seen his webpage. He is expensive, so if your budget does not allow booking him, Udhaya or Sabari can be good alternatives.

(All these three are people who do concept wedding photography. They do not simply shoot pics and put together an album. Their albums are like story books with each page themed to a particular concept. Just see their portfolio to know what am saying)


insertsophisticatednamehere said...

me! :)

yrum said...

Best photographer in Chennai is Sharad Haskar!!! but I guess surely he doesn't do wedding photos!

ரமேஷ் said...

nallavaru, vallavaru, naalum therinchavaru, naanayamaanavaru.. namma vishwa ah vitta yaara thaedareenga.. :)

King Vishy said...

Ya right!

Sharad Haksar aaaa!! mikka nandri nanbaa :) glad you think i am in such a level to afford such a person..

King Vishy said...

'theriyaadhu' ngradha evlo decent-aa solli irukkae da! :)

Chandy said...

Hey check out the orkut album of this photographer from Trichy

Seen some of his marriage portfolio snaps. They are really good.

King Vishy said...

Hi chandy..
Thanks for the contact!! :)
His album looks impressive.. Will contact him and see if he has any online wedding portfolio..

muru said...

dei naye... un pecha ketu I had booked this Udhaya(ass) its been nearly 1.5 yrs since my wedding and he has not yet given my album. Pls edit your blog accordingly so that others don't get duped.

Chandy said...

Sorry da Muru. I have seen his album and that was good. Otherwise I am surprised that he did not deliver the album. Sorry for my recommendation da.

King Vishy said...

Dai Muru.. all is well.. subham..

@Chandy.. don't apologise.. Muru was scolding me!! :D

Anonymous said...

Please edit ur review ... Even Priya vision guys take forever to deliver and are highly unprofessional.