Saturday, September 12, 2009

A trip to the land of the blues - IV

Trip to Mauritius: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

He he he.. I haven't given up on this series :) Not yet at least! Cos my best moments of the trip are yet to be featured! Anyway, am getting bored of narrating stuff. So planning to put only pics in the 2-3 remaining posts. Here goes...

The next day began at Ile Aux Cerfs (pronounced ee-loo-surfs) beach island - Awesome place for adventure sports.

Amazing ride this!! Zooming around and falling into the ocean!!

Me - almost reached the rubber thingee.
Wifey - swimming for dear life a few metres away.
We didn't realize the ocean was only 5 feet deep beneath us!

Tandem Paragliding - this wasn't scary at all! God knows how!

They dip you once during the trip :)

A cruise ship on the way back from Ile Aux Cerfs

Outside our hotel room - just after the rains



The stillness after the rains
(reminded me of that blue-colored Alaipayuthey shot)

Carrying a tripod around helped!

This was the REAL colour in REAL life then (8 PM)!!
Never knew nature could be so strikingly colorful

Now on to some photography lessons of sorts. The following three shots appear pitch-dark because they were taken at around 10 PM with the auto mode set in the camera.

What follows are pics of the same frames taken with the controls set manually. Basically just had an extended exposure - about 15 seconds for the first and second; 30 seconds for the last. No flash was used for these shots. Flash kills beauty in the dark!

This last pic won me a photography contest :)
(The 30-second exposure pic)

That was Dec-31 2008. Celebs at midnight!

Just when we had almost retired for the night, the revelry began all of a sudden. Fireworks lit up the sky and the ocean. And a Sega dance troupe began performing. (Sega is the Mauritian Belly Dance). Here's a video:

Mauritius Pictures


Hariharasudhan Viswanathan said...

Awesome photography! Mauritius seems like paradise on earth :)

Unknown said...

The tripod pic is super cooooool. Perfect blend.

King Vishy said...

Thanks machi :)
And ya.. Mauritius is an awesome place to go.. Loads of adventure sports.. and you will so get used to the feel of water..

thanks pp :) had to run 20-30 feet after setting the timer on the cam on :D

Nandini Gopal said...

My God.. the 30 sec exposure pic is totally arresting !!! cant take my eyes off it !! and the tripod pic is beeyootiful :)

hey, does one need to know swimming to do all these adventure water sports ? :)

Vinay Sekhar said...

Sexy photos... super lighting and the tripod one was Postcard Material! the twilight purple one was heavenly. keep the photos coming sir!

Vinay Sekhar said...

Sexy pics, the tripod one was Postcard material! purple twilight one was really brilliant! great photos, do keep them coming in!

R.Balamurugan said...

My vote for the "fired up" pic...

King Vishy said...

Thank youuu!! :)
And generally you don't need to know swimming. They give you good life jackets. And those damn things do work :)
But there are some excitin stuff like 'swimming with the dolphins' for which we need to know swimming (but obv :) )

@vinay sekhar..
Thanks machi! :)

Hmmm.. I too like it.. But not much of my work in that.. Credits to Hotel Legends for setting fire to that thingee in the middle of the ocean :)

Ezhil Buddhan said...

It portrays your capabilities as the multi-talented personality with a photography feather on your cap...
Almost all the photos are worth printing as Postcards for Mauritius tourism.
The 30 sec exposure was simply superb...
The Tripod one "Vaazhkayai inbayamaakka... santhosamaana kavalayatra manavaazhkai vaazha.. mauritius-ku sellungal" sponsor these cards to the Tourism Department.
Great work. Why can't you take some crash(@!@*&(*&() courses..
All the best. Keep it up.

R Srikkant said...

Such a nice creativity na! Awesome pics :)

Jac said...

Machi, Tripod - masterpeice!!!
Recession'naala oru kaithoril katthu vechuirukka pola... :D

King Vishy said...

@ezhil buddhan..
Thalaiva.. As usual you are being generous in your comments :) Thanks!

@r srikkant..
Thanks da :)

Machi, serious-aavae idha oru thozhil-aa yosichutu iruken da.. paapom :)

Raghavan said...

yebba.. tat 30 second shot was super da.. sand is like gold. I think it is the best picture i've seen.

Vinay Sekhar said...

Seriously thinking of Photography eh? Hope you get a super job with super work-life balance... that way photography wont take a backseat! saw the photos once more, stunning the exposure ones are! Super! and yo can call me Vinay or Batman also!

King Vishy said...

:) :) Very flattering comment! Thanks a lot da!

Work-life balance aa?? I meant that as a full time work :D Just one of my crazy thoughts..
Thanks for the compliments again da..
And batman aa!!! Ellaam aniyaayam..