Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It is after intense thought that am writing this post. I just unearthed a priceless piece of general knowledge. Or even wisdom, you may call it. And simply having it in my head is painful. I want to get it out.

Post rating: U / PG (Meaning, read only if U are alone, living in a PG. Veetla irundhaa padikkaadheenga)
(Ok, very seriously, this post has infinite direct allusions to a very popular and fulfilling Tamil swear word. If you are the kind who winces on hearing such words, you might have a seizure before you finish reading this post. Don't blame me later!)

Pollaadhavan is an amazing movie. I loved it when I watched it the first time. And the next few times as well. Maybe, going without expectations helped a lot. The movie gave me newfound respect for Dhanush and Vetrimaran.

Now the piece of wisdom I was speaking about is this:
Pollaadhavan has been remade in Kannada. And the name of the movie is...

Adha naan epdi en kayyaale type pannuven! You go and find it out
here yourself.

Shell shocked, I asked my Kandu friend here what the word meant (in Kannada). He said it's like
naughty / mischievous / notorious guy.

Now am just wondering how the following dialogues will sound to a Tamilian when watching the movie (dialogs are written in Tamil for greater understanding, and fun):

***** = Name of the movie
Villain: Daiiiiiiii.. Yaarraaa neeeee???
Hero: Indha oor la chinna kozhandhaya kaettaalum sollum. Naan than da *****.
(Devi Sri Prasad Background music:
dish dish dash dish.. ***** ***** *****... He's the one and only *****)
Hero: Hey darling.. Let's do the yo yo!!
Heroine: Cheee.. Naughty boy..
PMK Ramdas: Aeiiii.. Tamil la vasanam sollunga.. Illa na unga veettukku vandhu maram vettiruven..
Hero: Aamam saar.. Gardener rendu vaarama varala.. Pullu romba moLachuruchu.. Konjam clean panni kudunga please..
PMK Ramdas: Chellaadhu Chellaadhu.. Theerpa maatha maaten..
Hero: Ada evan da ivan.. Seri darling.. You repeat dialog in tamil..
Heroine: Cheee.. ***** payale
Sandiyar-fame Krishnasamy: Ketta vaarthai!! Dialog maathunga.. Padam paeru maathunga.. Neenga laam bad-word kalaachaaram ookuvikkureenga
Hero: Yov.. Ookkum vikkala, pencil-um vikkala.. Poi pozhappa paarungayya!
Hero: Assshooookkk.. Indha naaaaal... Un outlook calendar la kurichu vechuko... Unna naan nadu theruvukku kondu varala, en paeru ***** illa da!
Ashok: Machi venaam da. Nee paeru maathittaa padathula comedy quotient koranjurum. Please maintain same name. Naane middle of the road la ukkaandhukuren.
Hero: Avan solradha kaekka naa onnum kae-na pu-na vo moo-na koo-na vo illa.
Hero's Dad: Unakku paeru vechadhey naan than. En kittayae poi solriya? Raascolu..
Ward-boy: Doctor, hero-ku fight scene la adi patturuchu. Inga paarunga stretcher la vechurukom.
Doctor: My God! Ivlo bleeding varudhu.. Neenga ivara open la vechurukeenga.. *****-ya mooditu ponga modhalle
Climax Scene, again at hospital. Hero's wife gives birth to a boy. The whole family is happy and start discussing names for the kid. Hero finalizes the name:
Hero: Shuuuu.. No more discussions.. Ivan ennoda payyan.. So ivan paeru **** mavan

And the legacy continues...


Vinay Sekhar said...

For those, like me, who didn't know the title of the Kannada movie... its - Punda. ha ha ha... super aapu!

King Vishy said...

Yaen da dai.. I wrote one full post on this, with umpteen opportunities to mention the word, and I still didnt mention it.. You write three lines in a comment, and have exploited the chance to mention it eh! Now God knows what all google searches will lead to my blog :(

BTW I have kept a link to the name of the movie.. Didn't see that or what? :)

Venkata Ramanan S said...

Enganga... Oru comment.. Adhuvum #RainbowColouredAssets nu thaan eludinen... Adhuku family bloggu.. family la padipaanga.. Adhu idhu nu sonnennga... Idha unga family padika Maataanglanganganganga ??


Ravi said...

Vishy, chance-a illa! Ungalukku evvalavu sense of humour-a??!! Keep it up!!! [pravunplugged-oda effect-a??]

King Vishy said...

Nyaayamaana kaelvi.. Aana the moment I found the name of the Kannada movie, I simply had to put it down somewhere for posterity :) It was irresistable..

Ennayyaa idhu!! vanja pugazhchi.. "nee ellaam comedy-ya ezhudhure?" nu solreenga? Irundhaalum, andha pugazhchi part-a mattum mind la vechukuren :) Thanks baa!
And could be pravunplugged effect :) Felt like reviving my blog after reading his posts only..

Murali said...

@vishy..i thought the movie p*** was in telugu..i asked my team mates the meaning of that word in it is clear :-)

Nandini Gopal said...

no words.. just ROFLMAO !! :D glad to c u back here aft a looong time !

King Vishy said...

Edho.. nammaala aana thondu machi :)

He he thnks! :) Hoping to be lot more regular now on..

BragBoy said...

Andha herovuku thamizh therinja, avanoda **** kilinjidum.. Nice read!!

King Vishy said...

He he.. I guessed someone would add to the list.. Has come from you.. Glad you still visit machi!

Anonymous said...

And I thought he would come out of IIM as a more refined gentleman!

King Vishy said...

Mom.. You had enough hints at the beginning of the post that urged you to stop reading.. And still you read it.. you never listen!

Anonymous said...

And the Karnataka Film Chamber actually prevented screening of Ravan/Raavanan ( the chamber considered both movies as the same) in more than 24 screens so that this Kannada movie gets more audience!

King Vishy said...

Oh.. thats news.. that makes it all the more funny :D

Divya Bala said...

There are a few other words in Kannada that might make us laugh/shocked depending on if you are like you or you are like Chandrahaasan in Thalapathi. Will tell them later :D Btw, may be there are Tamil words that are "baaaad" in other languages.. he he

King Vishy said...

@divx.. me/chandrahaasan - lol :D do tell tell soon!!

கலைவாணன் said...

i envy a few things
- sportive nature of your mom [ethuvum dose vilalaya.. apart frm the comment]
- ur guts to post this [probably u wer nuts wen u posted this in such a public forum, particularly with so wide an audience that u have]
- ur writing skill - particularly to handle such a delicate subject [not literally]

R Srikkant said...

@ramanaa, nalla kezhvi :)
@vishwa na: enna, enna, enna idhu :)

King Vishy said...

romba pugazhrae daa.. vekka vekkama varudhu!!
thanks for ur generous words machi :)

adhellaam apdi than!