Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am the back!

Aaahhhh dandanakkaaaa.. Aaahhhh danakku nakka!!!

Usuroda than keeren machi's!!! After suffering from life at IIMB and the complete joblessness thereafter, I am back!!
(Ok this is the closest icon I could find that kinda indicates a historic return. My intelligently thought-up search terms ("back") took me to a lot of backside pictures (wink wink) that I don't like seeing.
in office.)

A lot has changed in the world since the last time I blogged (except my blog itself). For starters, my course at IIMB is done. And as a result I have been re-inducted into my family. Been enjoying loads of quality family time in the past couple of months. Felt so refreshing to be back in context at the home turf.

Other changes include:
Sis had come for a short visit from the US, and has gone back. Engirundhaalum vaazhga.
Shakira's waka waka is making people go okka makka.
I have joined work now in Bangalore, and am set to go to the UK shortly.
And most important of all: felt great to see 80 new comments when I logged into blogger today - stuff that had accumulated over the past few months of my inactivity. Developed a knot in my throat as I wondered how many people had missed my blog. But soon wanted to spit that knot out as most of those comments were earnest pleas to try out some new version of sildenafil citrate. Yaen da enna paathu indha kaelvi kaekuraanga! Why me, voh Gawd!

And the few other comments were all globe stuff. Like "This is the best resource on this subject I found on the net. God is great", followed as if on after-thought by "Also please visit my blog. God is double great!"

Anyway, with all those formalities done, am very happy now to get back on blogosphere. This does not mean I will declare the results of
Lightwait or conclude my travelogue on Mauritius. Nor does it mean I will not do them.

Me neither.

Still, the intent is to resume my typographic diarrhea with much greater regularity. As I become a responsible person contributing his might to the world's economy in the way all MBA grads do, I will need some non-home place to be myself. (No, I don't think is home to me. Browser says "about: blank" is) So I hope to keep coming back to you folks soon, and renew old friendships!

The discerning reader would by now have started wondering about something intriguing I said in the previous passage: so how do MBA grads contribute to the economy?
I will tell you how.
By creating value.
Yes, we do that Sir. We do. Any book on management gyan would tell you this. Among all things we do, creating value is the most important.

It's not like we do nothing else. Of course we do a lot of other things. We delegate. We follow-up. We revert. We get back to you on this. We get involved in strategic roadmap planning. We use strategic, roadmap and planning as three different words. We give you insurance on someone else's house, and then slip you off our books too. We fill timesheets. We read blogs. No wait, am revealing a lot of personal things here. But hope you get the drift. We guys do a lot of work. But most important is creating value.

So I seek all your blessings and wishes as I embark on this journey called career in the twin fields of energy and environment.

If nothing else, I know I can at least contribute by raising the GHG emissions in the UK with all the CNG I would be emitting (Confused Natural Gyan).

Apart from creating value, that is.
p.s.: Pardon the title. Have been reading too much of Prav Unplugged of late.


Venkata Ramanan S said...

Welcome back BB :)

Dwija said...

Now, I completely agree that you are done with MBA!! I see clear glimpses of value creation and enhancement :)
Good luck with the new move!

Murali said...

welcome back wishes for ur new career path.

Jac said...

MBA! MBA!!!..Othukiren..
Narayana entha MBA pasanga tholla thaanga mudiyala, romba neram pesuranga aana enna pesuranganu mattum puriya matengithu :D :D

King Vishy said...

Thank you! and BB ya?? apdi naa?

He he.. YOU should know! :)

Thanks a lot machi!!

Yaen da dai.. apram enna dash-ku nee mba pannalaam nu irukke ippo? :P

Unknown said...

Hey vishwa, was searching for something (actually googled guesstimate in alaipayuthey, n yeah so much vetti in work now) and landed to ur blog.. Good one.. Atb for ur work in Enzen.. njoi maadi..

King Vishy said...

lol.. Glad at least Google visits/remembers my blog :D
BTW this is sathish from Tech right?? We shd get to meet soon da :)

Unknown said...

frm IIMB da.. Prahalad's batch..

King Vishy said...

Ohh neengala :) Great to run into you here!! how are you doing??

Unknown said...

doing well machi.. hru? wen r u coming to London.. I will be here till this month end..

King Vishy said...

Oh cool!! Ensaaai :)

Enakku innum visa formalities irukku.. adhu mudinjadhum than varuven.. shd take a month and a half :(
And my location would not be London.. Could be Solihull or Cardiff.. Will know soon..

Venkata Ramanan S said...

Big Boss ..:) Neenga enna nenacheenga ;)

King Vishy said...

lol.. apdiya.. naa edhum nenaikkala.. endha bad word-aavum irundhura koodaadhu nu vaendikiten avlo than :)