Friday, June 18, 2010

Movie Review: Singam

Vanakkam machas and machis. Generally I don't write movie reviews cos' at one level I find that quite repulsive. It takes months and years of hard work to get one movie done, and eventually arm chair critics simply write stuff off as "flops". Must feel really painful for the creator to see his creation being torn to pieces by folks who do not even realize the amount of effort that has gone into the making of the film.

That is at one level.

Now I have realized that, at another level (viz. lower), I too feel writing reviews could be fun! So here's my first.

Singam is Director Hari's new offering, which is very novel in that the hero has been given a name that is usually given to his Dad or the
kanakkupulla ("maths-kid", if it helps): Duraisingam.

Also, this is the only movie in Tamil film history in which the combined height index of the hero and heroine is 15 feet.
(Surya contributed 5 to this number, and Anushka's legs, an equal number)

The plot in brief: Surya is a Hamam police officer in a small town near Thoothukudi. Fate makes him cross paths with Prakashraj - a gang leader from Chennai. And they happily fight ever after.

The titles start with some funny graphics that one starts wondering whether Walt Disney is associated with the production in some way. As you smile through all the childishness, the movie starts at good speed right away.

This being a Hari movie, I was looking forward to the hero's entry. But when I saw Surya tearing open a Tata Sumo, my heart sank. Deep. Simbly twenty two much!

Ok, to be fair, while that particular 'concept' seemed utterly idiotic, Surya has done a great job in emoting his anger. In fact, all through the film, the stunts shone because of the life he breathed into them with his facial expression (eyes in particular), and body language. And considering that he had all of 5 feet of a body to communicate all this, salute! But for him, I think the stunts were a damp squib, largely. Indha padathula Air Deccan tharaila oorudhu, manushanga asaalta parakkuraanga. Stunt master Rocky Rajesh paera maathi Kaakka Rajesh nu vechukalaam (indha comedy evlo mokkaiyo, adha vida avan fightu mokkai). And Surya has a signature stunt in this movie: jumping up and slapping the opponents with outstreched palm/fingers. I mean, it had to be like that right. He had to jump up to reach them. And just when he is about to slap them, you would suddenly find cartoons on the screen with the

Lion king jumping up and down (I guess this is the part of the programme that is brought to us by Walt Disney).

As for Surya's expressions, not just anger, the entire gamut he let loose throughout the film were a treat to watch. One particular bit (of a scene) I liked was the way he thaws down when Anushka professes her love to him. Beginning with the stern morappu/veraippu with which he was scolding her, and moving on to confusion, and ending with some strains of vekkam. Respect, boss!

For once, the heroine had
something to do in this film, instead of simply pulling off a Tamannah (read: dumb bimbo). Anushka's role has quiet some weight. What the heck, even otherwise, we wont really complain. Ssss habbbaaaa. Engirundhaai ivlo naala? Be it in Salwars during the scenes, or other bittu-thunis I donno the names of during the songs, she sizzles!! ("En idhayam idhayam" song still standing in my eyes wonly). Didn't notice whether she acted well or not, but her presence on screen was a PVR ticket's worth. Ava height-ukku easily she outruns the rowdies on more than one occasion. And it does not uruthufy your eyes (not as much as when Surya runs vigorously only to stay in the same place, and still catches up with the bad boys).

Prakashraj - a typical role written for him. Loads of loud dialogues and gesticulations, and hardly any ability to fight when it comes to the crunch. The way he ran carrying two daggers in the last scene, I really felt sorry for him. Looked like he was carrying two buckets of heavy water. And we've seen him in this kind of a role far too many times to be impressed any more. It's high time he changed his style of villainy.

I expected a lot of "Ya, take that!!" scenes that are typical of Hari's movies. Slight-aa disappointed on that front. There were a couple of them, but not too many. The best was when Prakashraj comes to Nallur to sign in the police station. The euphoria around that scene was my personal zenith in the movie. Esp the way Surya responds to Prakashraj's
garjanai with a disrespectful "Thooo.. pozhappa ya idhu? Sign poattu kelambu". Whistlings and clappings!!
Yet another was the scene where he force-talks Nizhalgal Ravi his way out of the police station. Like like!
And the third was a sort of an anticlimax. That's the one doing the rounds in the trailers ("Nee singatha zoo la pathuruppe, TV la pathuruppe............ ondra ton weightu da paakuriya?"). I kinda liked the crescendo and was all set to scream, when the rest of the audience started laughing. Felt really bad. Esp cos' the last time I heard people laugh like this was in
Chandramukhi for a scene where Prabhu asks Rajini in all earnestness "How unbearable is this, Mr Saravanan?". (Loose translation, mannikkavum. If someone can translate this better, do let me know!)
(BTW did you get that SMS spoof on this scene?? "Nee Engg student-a park la paathuruppe.. beach la paathuruppe.. hotel la paathuruppe.. coffee shop la paathuruppe.. amaidhiya class gavanichu paathurukkiya?? library la ukkaandhu book padichu paathurukkiya?? book eduthaa ondra ton weightu da.. paakuriya?? paakuriya??)

Vivek - just pass. Better than his other recent releases, but still lacks the old feel.

Music was enjoyable. Devi Sri Prasad's trademark happy-jolly type. Special appreciation to Shaan for singing
"She stole my heart" with good Tamil pronunciation. Baba Sehgal's rendition of "Iduppu-hu kondai oosi, sirippu-hu window ac hoi" might earn him some brickbats at Senthamizh Maanadu, but it does sound enjoyable.

In all, it's a typical Vijay movie. What makes it watchable is that Vijay is actually not in the movie. Really surprising how one gets biased! Am sure the movie would have been torn apart had Vijay acted in it. Of course Surya has put in a lot of effort, and it shows. Still bias cant be ruled out.

Verdict: Singam. Seerum.
Update: Thanks to
Kitty, got this idea for giving verdicts:
Movie's worth: 75 Rs ticket, on a big screen movie hall (Bigger screens --> More Anushka on the screen --> More value for money.
Also, Surya looks taller on bigger screens.)


S said...

Beginning with the stern morappu/veraippu with which he was scolding her, and moving on to confusion, and ending with some strains of vekkam

--- nalla comedy panreenga boss. All i saw was the single 'constipated' expression he gives in all his romance scenes..

Venkata Ramanan S said...

Well written n loved readin :)...But lil too late amidst the Raavanan Buzz :)

Venkata Ramanan S said...

U missed this scene i supose

ஒரு பீச் சீன்ல Anuska மண் தோண்டி நிற்கிறார்.. Surya தோண்டிய மண்ணை கூட்டி அதன் மேல் நிற்கிறார் ... LOL

நான் அடிச்சா ஒன்ற டன் weight ரா ...எம்பி குதிச்சாலும் Anuska தான் Height ரா ...:)

Venkata Ramanan S said...

A part of Anushka was borrowed from Pandora's Neytiri :)... Char *dp = Anushka ; free(dp) .....#RainbowColouredAssets

King Vishy said...

Ahhhh.. Yaaruppaa indha 'S'?? Thalaivanoda nadippa pathu ipdiyaa nakkal panradhu!
Irundhaalum paravalle.. Oru pudhu point of view.. varaverka thakkadhu..

Late aa.. ya da.. naethu than second time pathen.. adhan blog pannen..
ROFLOL @ the beach scene thing and the dialog.. serious-aa padathula apdi than irundhucha?? note pannalayae cha!
And lol at ur last, cryptic comment :) adhu pathi eludhalaama venamaa nu konja neram nenachen.. apram idhu family blog-ngrathaala vittuten (meaning my family reads this).. but kakakapo!
(also: thanks for adding 3 new comments da.. looks good on the count :P)

Alpine Path said...

Loled reading this one... now looking forward to Raavanan review! Adhu innum kalaainu kelvi padaren :D

Dwija said...

totally agree and stand for the verdict line at the end - vijay movie with surya in it... "surya surya, ippdi fans a yen yemathanum...bah....(bangs head on table)"

Unknown said...

Dei! Addikire! Nee Tamannah-about pesiride naa romba nalla adikire!

King Vishy said...

@alpine path..
Glad you liked my first attempt :) Raavanan-aa.. adhuvum late-aa than poduven nenaikkuren..

Actually though slightly disappointed, I liked the movie overall.. simply cos' surya did a vijay movie much better than vijay himself :)

Tamannah free-ya vidu.. nee Tamil pesure.. naa romba nallaa adikkire :P
Stick to kannada magaa.. nanage solpa gotthu.. understand maadthini (thanks to u :P)

R Srikkant said...

Glad u re finding some free time to blog again :) Interesting review to a mokka film :)

King Vishy said...

@r srikkant..
Glad to see you are still visiting :) Thnks for that..
And idhukku maela poi padikkura vazhiya paaru.. vettiya time spend pannadhe :P

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

rotfl review.. anushka taller than surya, irundhuttu pogatume! :)

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

oh.. this vishy face.. i the feel familiar..(no, am the serious) :-| (alas, you cant repeatttay this.. :P)

King Vishy said...

Irundhuttu pogattume.. adhan naanum solren :) absolutely no feelings.. more anushka.. more fun!
And face familiar aa.. DAV ya nee?? hintu pls :)

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

OoooOOoo avanaa neeyi? :P you're that same guy who spoke in the assembly how you kept thinking what to speak on stage! yep, me dav only, but one am-so-silent-you-wont-even-notice-me girl. :)

more anushka more fun - idha ellam missus wont read? i would like to present a poori kattai to her!

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

yen neenga ellam jollu vidradhu illiya nu edhir kelvi ketta innum 2 kattai parcel anupuven.. (this is modern yugam, naanga enna vena panuvom, neenga thaan ozhunga irukanum!)

abba niraya pesiten. taking a break!

King Vishy said...

Yaa.. Same guy me!

Silent aa? Neeya? Amma sathyama nambura madhiri illa.. Pause button illaama paesitteeeeee irukke.. Silent naa enna nu theriyuma unakku? :) btw are you on fb?

And missus wont read all this.. She hates reading of any kind.. Yeppudiiii! :)

Plus she will heave a sigh of relief if at all she reads this.. She will feel I have become a bit more interesting compared to the dull guy I actually am!

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

i "was" silent nu sonnene.. i mean, the moment i entered dav to the day i came out of it were the silentest days of my life. anyhooo..

why the risk of reading my blog??!! mokkai, marana mokkai, mega mokkai nu thaan ella postume :P konja naal munnadi shtory onu ezhudinen, adhu mattum thaan non-mokkai (apdinu naan nenakren, padichavan enna nenachano..)

King Vishy said...

Thannadakkam romba thookkala irukku! :)

Ramya said...

@vishwa - u r totally back in blogosphere and with a gud one.. review ezudhanam nu idea oda poi pdam paarthiya?? puttu puttu vechirukke... :)

but how dare u talk abt surya's height!!! sandai ku varuvom aakkum... and ur jolls on anushka .. sorry, now i regret not adding priya as a friend on fb or msngr :P

liked ur reviewing style.. pls do more.. esp for masala movies :P spare the gud ones :)

@hema - i say the same dialogue to ppl.. dav matric la 2 yrs has been my silent years :P

King Vishy said...

Thanks Ramya!! :) And naa blogosphere la back madhiri, nee Chennai la back.. Envy you really!!!

And surya height pathi paesa koodadha?? ellaarayum niruttha sollu.. naanum nirutthuren!

And actually watched raavanan yesterday.. Dont think I can write reviews for such movies :) Masala padathukku than reviewing ideas neraya thonudhu..

So perarasu collection vaangalaama nu yosichuttu iruken :D