About Blog

My fascination for blogs started when I saw my sis getting accolades for her blog posts way back in 2005. She was the most popular blogger among all girls in my family who were two years elder to me. As a righteous brother, I duly discounted her success and thought I could perform way better.

And thus one fine day in November 2005, I registered for a blogger account.

Little did I know that I was in the middle of a very long writer's block then. 

So it wasn't until sometime in 2007 that I started blogging.

And the rest isn't history.

And never will be.

I probably won't publish my own book and visit every college, school and tutorial centre trying to sell it under the guise of a guest lecture. I probably won't get to sue filmmakers for not giving me credits. Probably won't be invited to join panels on news channels to discuss unrelated issues with faked passion and feigned awareness.

But this is an attempt to meet all you en-iniya-Tamil-makkals and my-sweet-English-people!

Label Legend:
Life is Beautiful - Those small things of life that you (I?) relish
Life's Like That - Those small things of life that make you (me?) think
Fotos - Photography
So What I Feel Is - Opinions
Veni Vidi Civi - I went, I saw, Was conquered!
You Know What - Knowledge Transfer
Karpoora Vaasanai (Camphor Smell) - Poetry (or rhymes)
Rewind n Unwind - Nostalgia
Movie Revittu - Movie Reviews
The other labels are either self-explanatory, or pointless.